Nationalistic Arrogance and Ignorance Ignores a Tariff Tale

Learn of the Tariff Act of 1930

Two (2) names people today would be wise to learn:  Reed Smoot (1862-1941) and Willis Hawley (1864-1941).  Neither man was stupid, but they were products of an ignorant time that we seem heck-bent on repeating.

Since few today have the will or perhaps ability to read primary documents.  Stripping the resources, demeaning the disciplines, and demonizing those who teach history, political science, the humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts is a tool of the despot, the desperate, the insecure yet power hungry.

Since we accept a world when everyone is evil; everything is fake as decreed by the self-anointed “favorite” president; and all are jealous and out to destroy he, our voice, our protector, our savior, I’ll link a, still TLDR for many, secondary source from the year 2008.  Perhaps some will take heed of history since this writing occurred before the pillar, the US savior, arose in the election of 2016.