And this is now called oppression?

Utah’s Recapture Canyon, ATV riders, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Protest Ride:

Some are terming this as a protest against government, a fight against oppression, a stand for freedom and the rights of individuals.

I term it ignorance, selfishness, or maybe a feeling of false entitlement, but certainly not a demonstration of rights, liberty, and justice.

I’ve never been to the area, and I know little about the specifics behind the dispute but I do have a passing familiarity with some of the state constitutions and the history of these land laws.  I understand why certain things found their way into the codes and understand why some question and dispute certain aspects. I just don’t see the application here.

Regardless of how one might feel on the bigger picture, however,  where is the respect for the rights of others in regard to this piece of land? Where is the consideration to future generations? It seems like concern is limited to what these protesters desire at the moment and nothing more and nothing less.

Unless I’ve misinterpreted what I’ve read, the land is accessible to all. The restrictions are for motorized vehicles and penalties assessed to those who damage, steal, or destroy what is meant for all to have the right to experience.

I’m providing links to just a few of the various stories I have read.

People have a right to voice their opinions and to exercise their freedom. That’s one of the things I love about being a citizen of the United States of America.

I fail to understand why some feel oppressed when they have the same freedom to walk into the area just as their ancestors had done in previous generations. If the people of prior generations had driven motorized vehicles constantly over that same land, the land would be different today just from natural wear and tear. If those earlier had damaged or stolen, it would not be there for this generation.

What gives others the sense they have a “right” to exercise their freedom in a manner that infringes upon the rights of others? What gives one generation the right to destroy something that they inherited which prevents future generations from the same experiences?

There is a fine line and a balancing act between the rights of one and the rights of another. I’ve often heard that to truly have freedom one must be willing to give up some freedom. To be loved, one must also share love. It just seems like more and more people feel entitled to everything no matter the cost to others. Oppression is not having an ATV outlawed. Oppression is denying others every opportunity to experience what one has deemed their right to destroy.