Want to Hear some Good Music?

It’s been a bit since we last posted, but the blog has not gone away.  Thanks to all who have messaged to ask about the lack of recent activity.  Work and life…what more is there to say.

One of the worst things about not posting is that I have not kept up with writings of others because that’s what I enjoy and more importantly where I learn on WordPress.

My original post contained a tangent about the election and education, but I just cut that out to emphasize the positive with this post.

I have no training or background in music although I did at one time build some really good speaker boxes for cars and trucks.  One in particular I remember resulted in not only incredible sound from the 6 X 9 speakers but a good back message from the 10 inch woofers housed within.  Ah youth….

Still I know music that I like, and in this case my opinion of the performer is based upon my experiencing interacting with students and interns about his age in the classroom and moving into different careers.

Here’s a young man who comes from a good family and is doing his own positive deeds for others.  He’s not my student, so no conflict of interest is present in that respect.  He’s tripped a few times just like most of us have, but he’s pulled himself back up which as we get older realize is necessary but not necessarily easy.

I’m really not doing anything special for my brother other than just being a friend.  In other words, his music and life are his and not the result of anything to do with me.  He’s working on some originals, but I want to introduce him via some covers.  One is just sitting down with his guitar and webcam; another was at a performance at the Music Café in Damascus, MD; and the last is some raw footage from an event here in Maryland that featured a number of musicians.  If you like his sound, please check out his Facebook fan page.

Note from 16 June 2017:

Hi Everyone:  Thank you all for the continued reading and sharing of posts from this blog for its 5+ years in existence and views of You Tube videos   I’m thankful that many have found the political commentary thought provoking.  Even when we disagree ideologically, the clear majority (I mean only a handful of discussions do not apply) of our conversations have been not only civil but edifying.

It’s been fun and humbling for me to reminisce about events from my childhood.  Many of y’all have found my business or service reviews helpful, and the DIY cat fountain remains near the top of internet searches.  While my man here hasn’t gone viral yet, he has some original songs in the works and the initial responses have been positive.  It’s a matter of being patient, positive, and continuing to work not just with his music but helping others by his words and works.

As most know I have never sought or accepted any payment or donations for the cat fountain.  More important to me is that I have never accepted offers of sponsorship or transforming the blog into one with paid advertising spaces for the political commentary pieces.  Those are written from my personal perspective as someone with a rural upbringing who has worked in various aspects of government but is also a professor of US Political and Southern history.  They are intended as analysis and opinion as opposed to firing up a specific base which many have asked me to do either on here or in other forums.

I wanted share some good news that also explains the decreased frequency of posts.   After 10 years of marriage, my wife and I are in the final stages of adopting a son from an international orphanage.  We would most appreciate your thoughts and prayers for our son and us as soon-to-be parents to more than fur babies.

My positions about sponsors and advertising have not changed, but a few friends and former colleagues have wanted to assist with our adoption journey because of costs involved.  If anyone would like to make a monetary donation to help us with the airfare primarily or other expenses associated with adoption, below is a link to a PayPal donation account that I have set up for that purpose.


He’s just a good guy with a good attitude, so readers of LAB LouisianaBoy please give a listen to my brother, Taylor Bowman.



Also, please allow me to give a shout out to those in the recovery and rebuilding stages from the flooding in Louisiana.  This band, Impaired Faculties, consists of non-music faculty at my old undergraduate institution.  One of the band members taught me in the basic Western Civilization survey courses, a “Modern” Russia course that covered the period from the last Czar through Glastnost, and some European History seminar courses.  This song, Waterline, is an original work with all proceeds going to flood relief.