People Are People so Where is the Love

Have you heard that some are going to “take back America?”

Have you wondered take it back from whom?

If somebody took it, then they took it on our watch so are we that incompetent?

Take it back to the past?

Exactly when should we go back to?

If we go back to the past then we cannot bring all the comforts, technological gizmos, and such with us because they would not exist.

Oh, I’ve been corrected it’s not that need to take America back, but we need to restore the patriotic mindset.

Well please clarify whether patriotic mindset refers to those who support our government or those who oppose at the given time.  Are we thinking in terms of the Johnny Tremaine styled Sons of Liberty or how individuals such as Benjamin Franklin and George Washington described the group?

If one was not among the suppressed at the time, if we indeed go back would it be acceptable if the groups not suppressed became the suppressed?

Sorry, I’m told that I am trying to confuse things.  Apparently it’s Christians who no longer have the same rights and are being discriminated against so that’s what is meant by this restoration idea.

Think about it, if you want to go back in time to colonial America, the Christian services of the day will be vastly different than what many participate in today.  It might be difficult to grasp, but some of the services held today which are quite popular with the bands and such would be considered assemblies of heathens back in colonial times.

It’s a common fallacy.  I know that I’m guilty when I think back to my childhood, but we have tendencies to sanitize the past.  Our scrubbing might not be to the degree of the “Lost Cause” or the proverbial rose colored glasses, but please realize that in terms of religion hypocrites existed back then just as today in terms of behaving one way in public and differently when they do not suspect eyes are upon them.

It’s no different in other areas so if you want to go back to the Constitutional period and the Bill of Rights at least learn the actual 1st Amendment, and take care not to include the incorporation aspects of the 14th Amendment because those happened later.

Also it might help to think about what is being termed persecution today. It wasn’t that long ago when a group of people wearing the Christian banner walked out during an opening prayer as they promised to do if an Imam led that prayer.  The Muslim, the Buddhist, the Atheist, the Agnostic, and others often sit quietly during a prayer. Few of those beliefs leave and disrupt a public meeting citing 1st Amendment rights and US history. Instead they know US history and have just practiced patience and acceptance for who knows how many times. When the roles are reversed, those who have had things their way cannot even tolerate a single difference.  Despite what some think I’ll admit that words can sting, but sticks and stones more than likely will hurt more.

BTW: Nothing is really new here. At various times in our history, different Christian groups have been discriminated against and that includes Protestants as well as Roman Catholics. Different ethnic groups have been mistreated; women have been the “non” persons. Time and location determines a lot. One thing I have learned about stereotyping is that when you know someone who can be placed into that grouping, you quickly begin to argue how that person you know is the exception to rule. The thing is that they are not an exception to the rule; they are just like anyone else that you know in that they are a person, an individual, and not some faceless, shapeless, entity.

Maybe songs can help us learn more than a lecture or reading assignment?  I reckon my own diversity of tastes might have something of which we can at least tolerate.

People Are People so Where is the Love, and if we could all be Humble and Kind just imagine What a Wonderful World.

Depeche Mode – People Are People

The Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love?

Tim McGraw – Humble And Kind

Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World