Where Do We Go From Here

These deaths, this disrespect for authority, this hatred are beyond my ability to comprehend in their entirety not to mention my ability to even try and explain.

Yes we do have underlying problems, and no I do not believe that there is a quick, one size fits all solution to this madness.

If you have not read my initial post that is linked here, please do.

Yes both you and I along with those people over yonder and those just around the bend can find a plethora of examples to “prove” our narrative is correct, and relegate anything to the contrary as a statistical outlier.  You know that event you cite is inconsequential, meaningless in this debate, because I’ve seen the evidence through my lens which is not the same as passing judgment like everyone who disagrees with the truth as I know it and can prove through these singular events.

Instead of making excuses, trying to justify, or affixing blame upon some disconnected individual or entity, I would like to see answers to what I would think and hope are obvious questions.

If these or any law enforcement officers perform their jobs with malicious intent do any of us want these individuals to remain in uniform?

People are citing all these stories about how to act properly if one is approached by law enforcement.  For me these stories make sense, but even all the “correct” actions by the civilian mean absolutely nothing if that officer is not following his or her “correct” procedures.

Do law enforcement officers have a reason or right to be suspicious and on edge when engaging with another?

My opinion is yes they do because the definition of their job puts them at risk.  Anyone can have a weapon, and today the popular narrative is that good guys need to carry guns for protection because law enforcement is too far away to be of any assistance.  Hence it becomes even more imperative for that officer to treat everyone as if they have a weapon and intend to inflict harm upon someone.

Who doesn’t respect law enforcement officers (I mean the good and responsible officers)?

Sadly it’s not isolated to a singular race or group.  Postulate about the threat of tyranny and government and the right to bear arms to protect oneself and nation from such threats and thus you justify at best disrespecting a law enforcement officer who writes you a ticket, who directs you in a manner that you dislike, or who merely represents authority.

In March 1995, Wayne LaPierre of the NRA sent a fundraising letter to 3.5 million NRA members calling federal law enforcement agents “jack-booted government thugs” and arguing that “in Clinton’s administration, if you have a badge, you have the government’s go-ahead to harass, intimidate, even murder law-abiding citizens.” He later apologized and stated that he was referring specifically to specific actions by enforcement agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, but hadn’t damage already occurred?  President George H.W. Bush even resigned his lifetime membership because of the remarks.

How many times have we heard that the United States government is planning to confiscate private weapons or that We the People in the United States will have weapons taken by the United Nations?

Yes there is too much black-on-black crime.  There is too much crime in economically depressed areas.  There’s also crime and murder in rural America and white-on-white as well.  I’m not citing here, but I believe that I’m more likely to be murdered by a member of my family or by someone I know than I will be by a stranger.

Think about it, all of those armed individuals could not stop a single sniper who callously gunned down innocent people in Dallas and specifically targeted individuals who willingly took an oath to put their lives on the line every day.  He had more firepower.

The solution, however, is not to put more firepower into the population.  The solution, however, is not to confiscate all weapons in existence.  The solution, however, is not to target a single group or race.

We need to learn why certain groups are statistically more likely to become victims of violence.  We need to address mental health issues and how they can become a danger to both the sufferer and the population at large. We need to educate about the proper safe and responsible usage of firearms and any tools for that matter.

We cannot, however, because of things like the Dickey Amendment and the Tiahrt Riders. (Counter by the NRA-ILA to some aspect of Tiahrt here ).

Here’s something to think about that I find incredulous.  Ever since I got my first driver’s license I wore seat belts.  In fact, I really don’t recall a time in my childhood when my parents or whomever was driving did not remind me to buckle up.

Seatbelts, however, may date back to 1885 with the first patent for vehicular use, but it wasn’t until 1949 that Nash automobiles began offering factory installed lap belts as an option.   Ford started offering lap belts in 1955, and the first car to have the 3 point belts installed were Volvos back in 1959.  In 1968 the National Highway Safety Bureau, the prerunner to the NHTSA required lap belts in passenger cars.  In 1976 the NHTSA began tracking seat belt usage and observed that occupant usage of seat belts was 19 percent.  Individual states beginning with New York in 1984 began passing mandatory seat belt laws.  By 1994 the observed usage of seat belts by occupants reached 58 percent.  Last year, 2015, the observed seat belt usage climbed to 88.5 percent.

Think about all the little reminder slogans you have heard.

Why can’t we do the same to promote gun safety?

I know the legal reasons and how the Constitutional interpretation accepted from 1791 to 2008, 277 years, changed.  For the typical person like you and I, however, is it because we don’t care?  Is it because we do not recognize the links between disrespect of our government and President Obama being a part of the disrespect for law enforcement as they are symbols of authority?

It’s just too easy to scapegoat; to blame BLM today or Black Panthers of a few decades ago. We also have so-called sovereign citizens and militia groups consisting of many or even just one who feels that he or she is fighting a tyrannical government and has both legal and Divine right to do so.

One final question:

How to we combat the paranoia and those who spread it for either financial gain or to compensate for their own personal insecurities by bringing as many others as possible down to their level?

With thoughts and prayers for safety to all the men and women who willingly put their lives on the line for the safety of others, and thoughts and prayers to all who have suffered as a result of violence regardless of the individual or motive.