Obama wants your guns?

Simple and to the point piece written by a sage gentleman. Folks, the US government is not trying to confiscate private weapons. Please consider the practicality of that possibility. How quickly would you be able to deliver say a $100 bill to every residence in your neighborhood? Do you honestly believe that confiscation of anything from those homes would be easier? Will treating FFL holders and private sellers the same prevent “bad” people from committing crimes or prevent all tragedies? Of course not, but what if one is stopped? Wishful thinking yes, but are a few extra minutes of time waiting for that NICS check an infringement upon rights making a potential lost life an acceptable loss? It won’t be for those who are law abiding, those who want good will to others whether they believe in God, a Creator, or nothing. I grew up in the strawberry fields and waters of rural Louisiana and guns are tools. Used correctly and appropriately they can be beneficial but used incorrectly or carelessly they can cause irreparable harm. I define “gun control” as understanding the proper tool for the specific purpose, knowing how to operate it effectively for the task at hand, knowing how to care for it to maintain it in safe and working order, knowing how to store and transport it safely, and knowing when that tool should not be used. It’s knowledge, and sadly during my lifetime (actually the past 20 years give or take) the push has been to suppress and to limit knowledge which is why academics and agencies such as the CDC and NIH have in these recent years been prevented from collecting data and conducting research. The fear of a negative finding is too great for them to chance, and they are apparently incapable of understanding that no single finding regardless of if it supports or opposes your position is definitive. My field of history is considered stagnant by some when history is continual, but I or any professor of history worth his or her salt knows that a definitive study does not exist. We have to build upon what we know and will continuously discover things of which we need to learn more.

Please help the USA


Donald Trump and his political party


that our president wants your guns?

How does the bad guy/gal get the guns?

When – when did this president ever say that he wants to

“Take Your weapons?”

Where– where was you when you heard him say that he was or wanted to

“Take your weapons?”

Why – why would this president want your guns?

How – how would you think that he was going to go about taking your guns?

Taking weapons from responsible citizens will do little to stop the gun violence and our president knows this as well as do you and I.

So, how does a bad guy/gal get their weapons?

I believe, from the under-world crooked people!

Where do these Under-World Crooked People get the weapons to sell the bad guy/gal?

I believe,

“from stupid careless people from all walks of life that get lazy…

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