Why so many silent college faculty? Here’s one reason

Excellent post by Professor Mann. While he naturally focuses upon Louisiana and attacks made at him, the same misunderstandings about the workloads of faculty and the problems of speaking out and one’s career in higher education apply to every institution with which I have been associated. I do need to make a point though that some schools are significantly better than others in accepting and forcing consequences upon some dissenting or even merely questioning voice.

2402200306_46c12818a6_o (1)By Robert Mann

I sometimes wonder why more faculty members at LSU and elsewhere don’t speak up about how their schools have been defunded over the past eight years. It frustrates me that teachers and students only marched on the Capitol once — and after it was almost too late to save anything — to express their outrage over how Gov. Bobby Jindal and legislators had picked apart their institutions, running off hundreds of great faculty members and putting a college education out of the reach of thousands of families.

But after someone pointed out this Facebook comment to me, I’m reminded why so many are so timid.

Screenshot 2015-12-16 10.09.59This guy is insignificant and ignorant and I truly worry about him about as much and as long as I’ll worry about the gnat buzzing around me as I write this.

But it reminds me that there are too many out there…

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