When We Stopped Giving a Damn

Somewhere in this country a Dad weeps, a Mom cries, and a child dies.  At this very moment a faceless man, woman, boy, or girl has their life snuffed out.  It’s a cycle that we can neither control nor avoid because life in this world begins and life ends.  Any afterlife is a mystery of faith. Belief, disbelief, a time of sorrow, a time of joy, an escape from suffering, an eternal reward, Heaven needed another angel.  We are laid to rest while the rest, the rest must continue to live while those asunder may be brought back in spirit by those whom they touched.  Gone but not forgotten.

Tragedy struck yesterday in San Bernardino, CA, with another mass shooting.  Tragedy in that same form has struck previously in other locations.  None have an effective immunity.  Tragedy also struck earlier today in your neighborhood, on your street, near me, and near another who looks like me and yet another with all physical traits the polar opposite of mine.  The weapon may have been a gun.  It could have been a knife.  Perhaps a fist or a foot, a hammer or fishing string utilized as a garrote dowsed the breath of life.

Does the instrument really matter to the victim or those who survive?

No law will prevent every crime.  All the safeguards in the world will not prevent that “freak accident” from occurring.  Some things happen, and a desire for an explanation will not necessarily suffice for the discovery.

Just because something is not guaranteed, assured, foolproof, or unalterable by fools is it prudent to disregard all laws because not all will comply or fail to take precautions because an unimaginable accident could happen?

That’s the hypocritical logic in today’s discourse.  It’s all or nothing which has become dependent upon the whims of the individual and not the actual subject.


How does it make sense to be concerned about refugees and the possibility that they could be terrorists, but have no concern about a suspected terrorist legally purchasing a tool to inflict quick death upon many?

Not reality you might say, but if after the current 1.5 to 2 year vetting process for refugees the House feels it necessary to have the director of the FBI and Director of National Intelligence to personally sign off to assure safety, then why are those people currently listed as possible threats to the safety of others by the FBI and DNI presently within our borders not considered possible threats?

Today, 3 December 2015, the United States Senate voted against barring suspected terrorists, felons and the mentally ill from getting guns on Thursday afternoon.  Is that Chamber merely parroting the National Rifle Association arguments that doing so would strip some innocent people of their constitutional rights to gun access just a day after yet another massacre on U.S. soil?

In the other Chamber, Speaker Ryan stated that we must not trample the rights of law-abiding citizens when it comes to the right to bear arms.

Why, however, have the same individuals who believe I have the right to purchase a high powered weapon capable of shooting multiple rounds quickly have willingly and knowingly suppressed the right of a citizen to purchase  a .22 Armatix?

Is that hypocrisy or does anyone give a damn?

Would I like to own an Armatix?  No but I do, however, believe that for certain uses a gun that uses .22 ammunition is far superior to a higher caliber.  The reverse is also true for other uses.  For a person who only wants to shoot on a range, the Armatix might be the gun they prefer.

Oh, NRA staffers tested and reviewed the Armatix and since they did not like the gun, it should be banned.  Isn’t that gun control in practice and not theory?

The gun lobby and a portion of its advocates have made it clear that one should not dare try to offer the option.  A private business, Engage Armament and it’s owners discovered that  Free enterprise is not the deciding factor when it comes to 2nd Amendment supporters suppressing the 2nd Amendment.

Who is next?  Smith & Wesson?  Oh, that’s right they previously had to capitulate to the lobby to survive.  WHY?

Do we give a damn?

Nobody is requiring everyone to purchase the Armatix.  Yes, I am fully aware of the law in New Jersey, but laws apparently don’t stop all criminal activities so how can that state law be the excuse.

Oh, but not allowing a person the choice of this specific gun opens the door for possible future suppression of the right to bear arms?

Is it the same possible future threat which is why an effective ban to prevent academic research about guns and violence went into effect in 1996?

Is it the reason why Congress limited scholars even further in 2011 by effectively blocking the NIH in addition to the CDC from conducting research?

Yes mental illness is a factor, nobody is discounting that possibility and diagnosing a gun as mentally ill, but who do you think has the academic knowledge and research skills to investigate?

Yesterday morning, before the shooting in California, the House of Representatives had the following presented by Doctors For America:

No it isn’t the gun. It is the person. It is a lack of respect for human life. It is a lack of respect for anyone other than oneself.

It isn’t all Muslims either.  It isn’t President Obama by himself.  Yet some apparently believe both to be true.

Doesn’t anyone think that the criticisms, distortions, denigrations, and flat out lies bantered about like blow torches aimed at dry kindling might be escalating the fire already burning?

Do we give a damn?

Yes we’ll have moments of silence and people will offer prayers and thoughts.  We should as a nation, but we should demand more of our elected representatives and of ourselves because too often when the tragedy does not touch us personally the focus narrows to one of we must protect an interpretation of the 2nd Amendment which has existed as far back as 2008 when SCOTUS decided on Heller.  The year 2008, not 1791, not 1783, not 1776, is the keystone of the history.

Let us not forget how the vocal interest groups changed their positions from 1968 and 1975 to today in 2015.

Only 8 years ago following the tragedy at Virginia Tech, it seemed like dialogue was still possible even if academic research had been suspended.

Today, we have no right to sell or purchase an Armatix because of some future fear. We cannot conduct background checks for all sales because it’s an inconvenience (actually free enterprise to undersell and undercut licensed dealers) and criminals will not follow laws anyway.

We are unwilling to have dialogue.

We offer nothing as long as it is someone not us who cries because we have expressed outrage and offered prayers.  We wait until another day comes and we no longer give a damn because then we can focus all concern about what might happen, what someone claims is another’s intent, and forget what happened only yesterday, the day before, or during the blink of an eye.


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