A Liberal and Conservative Sat on a Fence….


Seen on social media, and I am unable to ascertain the original source.

Saw the image above from a former colleague and old friend and mentor (I am closer to the age of his kids than to him, but I respect him for just being a good guy at heart) on social media.

Alas if life would be so simple. Oh to reminisce about those times of old when an independent thought was not liberal and US conservatism did not mean total almost robotic allegiance and rebuking anyone and anything different from oneself.

Since I’ve climbed through and over many fences and actually slid under as many as possible, built a few of different types although most were barbed wire, sat on a bunch and peered at the grass on both sides, and even did my fair share of boyhood games to try and discover answers for that always entertaining fill in the blanks conversation piece of “did you know that __________ happens when you do _____________ to an electrified fence.

For anyone new here, I’m a white southern boy reared on a strawberry farm in the boot of Louisiana so my ideology is probably clear cut.

It’s not surprising that I do not want all guns outlawed, and I have used and needed different types of guns at different times in my life.  Of course I would like to see guns used for lawful purposes (well many agree with that), and I would like to see the right gun used.

To clarify ‘right gun,’ my opinion is that there are times when a certain gun, type, model, caliber, may be too much or too little.  I understand the arguments that for the purpose of self-defense bigger and more powerful are better.  I really see the logic but if one cannot control big and powerful then less is really more and better.

I think that if it makes sense to qualify to receive a driver’s license, the same type of standard to purchase specific guns is not outrageous.  If my being eligible to drive my pickup doesn’t automatically assume that I have the knowledge and skills to drive an 18 wheeler, then my ability to handle let’s keep it simple and say a .22 revolver doesn’t mean I can control a zombie creating and subsequent rezombify capable Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum.

Recoil aside, get rid of the Tiahrt riders, allow academics to once again research firearm safety, and do not threaten gun dealers who want to sell Armatix because doing so actually protects the rights of responsible people. It’s not an infringement, and whether or not an Armatix is the right gun for you shouldn’t matter.  The fact that the NRA opposes the weapon means that something else influences their position because their stance with that gun is an infringements upon the rights of their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

Sure a person who wants to get a gun will still get one.  A person who intends to kill can still do so without a gun.  No laws can stop all of that just as no laws will stop everyone from speeding, running stop lights, or even having abortions.  Still without stop lights it would be chaos on the roads.  When the argument is that we don’t enforce existing laws, then what sense does it make to oppose getting rid of all these little under the table riders like Tiahrt which make enforcement more difficult?

I must be a liberal because I know that the historical and legal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment today dates to 2008 and not 1791.  Despite all the talk, Feinstein’s old ban even if it would only be as effective as a torn shrimp trawl that had nothing intact except a TED, the UN Small Weapons Treaty, and everything Obama has done, hasn’t impacted my guns or rights in any way.  The last time any law affected me in terms of weapons was the broad vagueness in the ammo ban Reagan signed into law.

Vegetables, Fruits, Grain, Meat, I just want to know what I’m eating and if anything extra has been added to what I think I’m eating.  I guess that makes me a liberal as well.

When I’m down and out I do try to work things out myself.  If I see my neighbor struggling, I’ll offer whatever assistance might help and my neighbors do the same for me.  That’s just being an ordinary person in my opinion.

Now if I were really a conservative, I wouldn’t expect or even apply for government help after events like Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, Gustav, Rita, the massive fires, floods, earthquakes, and tornados.  I wouldn’t want the federal government to repair highways.  I’d inspect every bridge myself to determine if it was safe.  I’d say eat Blue Bell ice cream at my own risk.  If the gas tanks and airbags are defective in the car or truck I buy, then it’s my tough luck.  Actually I’d treat automobile manufacturers just like gun manufacturers here.  Federal subsidies, student loans, GI Bills, and all of that is certainly too liberal because even with GI assistance I got a paycheck so anything else is really my responsibility if I’m really conservative.

Most talk show hosts I won’t listen to because to me it’s their job to pander to their audience.  I hate that hate is so profitable, but every person has the right to give part of their food money to help one of these talk show hosts buy an extra jet, rent a politician for a $ million plus, or whatever.  I honestly have no clue if I’m liberal or conservative in this area.

I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, but I accept that others believe differently.  I don’t want to be forced to listen to those others if I choose not to, and I don’t think they should be forced to listen to me.  Now I only have two score of life experience which is more years than some and less than others, but when really pondering it in my hard headed skull it really shouldn’t surprise me that I can easily converse with other people of different beliefs than mine when we talk with one another instead of at each other.  It is somewhat humbling to discover that despite how “different” our beliefs might readily appear that beneath the surface there are a lot of similarities.  That is humbling because we aren’t as special and unique as we sometimes believe.

Often it’s true that for longer than I can remember plus a day, there has been a manger display set up on public property.  I ask myself if I would be offended if some other belief had a display up on that same public property.  I wonder if there is enough public property there for everyone to have the display they want.

If there isn’t enough room maybe we could create a schedule where a different group is happy each year and the rest are offended.  Maybe if nothing is there nobody will be offended with the option for everyone to become offended. The truth is that regardless of what is or isn’t there someone will be offended.  I think the key to success in that case may be to assure that all of us get offended at some point in time and not just a single faction.

Just because something once was doesn’t mean that’s the only way or the best way.  Think about it:  no planes, trains, cars, conditioned air, electrical appliances, or even smart phones.  We could even bring back diseases that have been eradicated because it’s liberal to accept or let alone want change.

In regard to healthcare I find it sad to see so many people in emergency rooms for conditions that aren’t life threatening and could have been prevented if only they had access to primary care.  You might be different, but I’m less productive working when I’m sick or injured so it makes sense to pay a little more to try and limit the number of times I get sick or injured.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure may be an old fashioned saying, but it’s often true; used to be conservative thought, but is now liberal.  I think there are too many middlemen who drive up costs and too many people who profit financially from taking advantage of the sick and injured. When treatment and recovery for a simple injury or illness can wipe away every asset of an individual who has worked their entire life, something needs to be done to alter that environment.  That is a liberal thought.

I don’t expect the above to make you laugh or to make you angry.  Talk and ideology is one thing but action and reality are often an entirely different ballgame.

I hope the above gets you think for yourself for just a moment at least.  A conservative might call that hope liberal hogwash.  I call it knowing the difference between just talking about tying rotting chicken to your body and running through a swamp with gators and actually doing it.

Common sense to me is often realizing that one sits fits all isn’t always the best but sometimes you have no other alternative and if you’re lucky it works but sometimes it doesn’t.  I fail to understand how “liberal” became understanding that some things just cannot be as simple as either black or white and that different shades of gray exist between the extremes.

I reckon I just need to stop typing and go out and sit on a fence because I’ve given this more thought than anyone cares about.


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  2. nice!
    such a luxury
    having time
    for fence sitting 🙂

    • At times I wonder if life seemed less stressful because I was a kid or perhaps it was because I found time for sitting on or climbing through fences. I’m going to make time to enjoy that calm once again and with a smile on my face. Thanks for reading and commenting

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