Inciting Problems, Today’s Problem

I had a flashback to the good ole days of being a teenager. Actually I try to think back often even if some events cannot be shaded by the proverbial rose colored lenses. This time I thought back to the time of doing crunches, sit-ups, and leg lifts on my bedroom floor on Thursday nights while LA Law played on a small black and white TV to which I had tin foil twisted and extended from the rabbit ears antenna.  Just typing the above has me hearing that saxophone in the theme song waxing in my head.  If only trials in real life went at the same pace as the hour long episodes….

I looked up the information of the episode that resulted in my flashback: season 3, episode 19, “Consumed Innocent.”

“Grace prosecutes Pete Bostik, a Morton Downey-type TV talk show host accused of inciting his studio audience to kill a guest in the parking lot after his appearance on the show. Meanwhile, Allison prevails on a cold-stricken Victor to settle a dispute of a baby pig eaten by a pet python during a music video shoot. Leo Hackett worries over Benny’s attention to Alice. At the end during an office party outing at a local restaurant, Kuzak and Grace break up by tentatively agreeing to resume a platonic relationship, and Kelsey announces that she’s pregnant.”

That primary storyline with Grace Van Owen played by Susan Dey made me reflect on today’s events. I barely remember Morton Downey and at most only saw portions of his show if for some reason I happened to be awake after midnight and had a TV playing. That’s why I only became aware of this feature, “Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie” from CNN films, when I went to look for a Morton Downey link other than Wikipedia as I type.

Today it seems like every outlet is throwing gasoline onto the fire regardless of the damage which results.  As I type, personnel from various law enforcement agencies are searching for the individual(s) who shot and killed a police officer earlier today in Illinois. As some may have read, early this morning I posted a piece where I looked at some of the statistical data to see if the numbers matched with the allegations that this murdering of law enforcement was unprecedented and increasing as many people contend.

The statistics do not match the media reports but does anyone care?

Reading some news sources and spending a bit of time on social media while eating lunch, I saw numerous references blaming “Black Lives Matter” for this violence. My post from early morning relates my position. Just like everything else, I’m confident that a number of good, well intentioned, individuals associate with that phrase “Black Lives Matter.” Likewise, I sadly think some racists, idiots, and basically scum of the Earth for whatever reason also try to associate themselves with the same phrase. The same is true if one yells “White Lives Matter” or even “Zebra striped short people with big noses and zits on their face matter.”

Please read what I wrote.

For comparison purposes, please look at the information on the link below from Healthline.

It’s no longer August so does that mean that Children’s Eye Health and Safety is no longer important since somehow August became the month to recognize awareness?  Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week was in June, so am I a bad person for taking a child to an optometrist last month?  November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month, so does that mean my Dad’s retinopathy is inconsequential during the other 11 months?  Eye Injury Prevention Month isn’t until October, but when I get home I will still wear my safety goggles and ear protectors as well when I run a Roman Ogee bit in a router over some boards. Will any of the individuals or groups trying to raise awareness be offended at my decision to wear safety goggles?

Folks things are hard enough as it is, and we certainly do not need a bigger fire. Let’s douse the sensationalism; let’s think for ourselves; let’s not scapegoat and stereotype; let’s not fortify an environment which only hurt innocent people who come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and everything else.