Facebook Banned Spammed


More and more it seems that whenever I log into my Facebook account to see some photos from back home and maybe engage in some political or other type of just jawin’ sans tailgate of pickup truck, stump, fence, log, boat, anything to just prop up one’s feet, I am inundated like fire ants in a flooded river by pictures, memes, links, comments and such that I’m supposed to share because Facebook has “banned” the content.  I reckon this ole boy is special and perhaps I should open a banned content store because the only way I’ve gotten this banned content shared by friends off of my wall is to delete the content myself or unfriend the friend. I might actually go viral reposting some of the banned content from the past since apparently nobody else has it. Still when I do delete or unfriend or have been unfriended, I typically find that someone else has shared this banned content.  Is it deja vu?  Is it Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Is this boy in need of watching some Rod Sterling Twilight Zone episodes?  Well I need to do the latter soon with the better half, but sadly I think the source from which others share the “banned” content is usually testing out the liar, liar, pants on fire thesis.