The Canard of Planned Parenthood Funding Votes

It’s amazing, disheartening actually that elected representatives to our federal government are so willingly to shut down all services not because of waste or inefficiency, but because of flat out lies from brazen profiteers stoking the fires of rage within the American people.

The sadness is that these swindlers become public heroes. Public heroes for not having the ability, courage, and simply the desire to try and combat what some perceive as evil with factual evidence, the truth.

I’m not writing specifically about Planned Parenthood, firearm safety, abortion, or even healthcare. Sure someone will counter with some version of if you like your insurance or your doctor, then you can keep your doctor and insurance. That was false, but can anyone name a time when that statement was ever true in the United States. Medical facilities have always changed the types of insurance accepted. They do it for the same reason some oppose government insurance because everyone from the doctor to the person behind a desk at any insurance company want to make a profit and maximize that profit.

I support that idea. I also believe that certain things should not be done in expectation of profit and for others that there is a limit to the amount of profit one should be able to gain, but it’s OK if you feel differently because it’s only a personal opinion and belief. My view is that price gouging during a hurricane is bad business, but at times charging the maximum that the market can bare is shrewd good business.  I cannot give hard numbers since my perceptions depend upon too many variables.

Few things are that simple.  

If one opposes abortion, I say do everything in your power to prevent an environment and situations where the procedure becomes a choice. Abortion predates Roe, and no law will stop the practice.  If you think a law is the key, study how many who feel that way contend that firearms regulations will not stop the lawbreakers but only affect the lawful. Laws are a piece of the puzzle, but are neither the only nor even a plurality of pieces.

Ponder Louisiana where Governor Bobby spouts garbage that Louisiana laws require reports of mental illness to NICS. One can debate the actual law thresholds, but that is not the purpose here.  The point is that an outrage appears because the VA has been reporting mental illness to NICS since NICS began. Social Security will use the same formula as the VA. Agree or disagree is irrelevant in my opinion. It’s irrelevant because first someone needs to actually define what is meant by mental capacity. Only then can the formula be evaluated. The tragedy which happened in Lafayette did not result from a single factor. Those people were murdered and shot not because of laws or lack of laws, but because a person wanted to shoot and kill others.

It’s terrifying to think, but solutions are not simple.

With Planned Parenthood and the recent uproar:

Even if one believes the edited videos verbatim, start adding numbers and see if even a miniscule possibility of profit exists from selling ‘parts’ or tissue?  Maybe one hates Planned Parenthood, but is it possible or wise to base that hatred off of information from the Center for Medical Progress?  Follow that money trail and see how clean it is.  Imagine if the creators of these videos and the leaders at the Center for Medical Progress were teachers at your child’s school.  After looking at their actions over the course of years, how many would you trust to leave your child in their care?

Abortion is one thing. Admittedly controversial and like many controversial issues people sadly express different opinions when it is applicable to them or someone they know versus someone else. Yes, I’ve seen barbaric videos but I have also seen firsthand barbaric instances of abuse, neglect, and murder of innocent children that have been born. One life is neither more nor less important than the other in my opinion, and yes bile boils in my gut whenever I see and hear our representatives turn deaf ears and blind eyes because the person is just that a person and not a talking point.

Why not push for increasing education about reproduction?  Why not focus upon the birth control aspects and prevent the pregnancy from occurring?

Images of these later term abortions especially should make someone sick to their stomach. Seeing under nourished mothers, babies born with all sorts of health problems that could have been prevented if the mother ate properly and had even the most basic of medical care, are every bit as sadistic. Seeing a child starve because the mother is incapable or unfamiliar with breast feeding, financially unable to purchase formula, and not having the reasoning skills of when a child needs medical assistance is barbaric.

If you oppose abortion then also support the lives of children born as well. You may believe the parent(s) lazy, but why allow the child to suffer?  We cannot deny that we as a country are doing that.

The US Senate this afternoon will be taking a procedural vote which if passed allows for provisions to defund Planned Parenthood to be brought to a Chamber vote.  One argument is that the infrastructure through community health centers exists to provide all services sans abortion which might be available at Planned Parenthood. If that infrastructure were adequate, Planned Parenthood would not be able to justify its funding.

The Planned Parenthood vote is nothing but a show vote intended to obfuscate.  I do not write that from a legislative perspective but a sad acceptance of reality that defunding only increases problems. Abortion will not end. Statistically the likelihood of more unwanted pregnancies will increase because the community health clinics and we as society aren’t doing enough to discourage these pregnancies.

It’s feel good garbage to think that problems such as these have simple solutions such as simply defunding or passing a law. Nothing will be solved because it ain’t that easy. We, you, me, him, her, everybody has to be willing to work our freakin’ tails off and willing to help another even when that person is different than us. Shut down the market or the desire, and those promoting the garbage fail. Focus exclusively on the promotion, shut it down, and another rises to take its place. The first is hard and has no immediate glory; the second is nearly an impossible task so the lying profiteers are gonna do everything to keep people from trying because that will affect their dollar.

What I’m arguing is that lies and violence are not answers. Actions that are done in the public eye have not led to solutions. Instead of so much focus being upon how much it looks like we are doing, we would be better served to tell the attention grabbers and wannabes to shut up and focus on enabling environments where crime, hurt, and despair exist and transforming the atmosphere from one of degradation to one of hope, edification, and opportunity.

One thing we all can do if an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy happens is to educate about adoption and to promote the adoption alternative.