UPDATED: Is Sen. David Vitter abusing the congressional franking privilege in pursuit of governor’s office?

Good read in many respects; for anyone not familiar with the franking privilege the piece offers a little introduction; it covers another example of abuse at taxpayer expense. Also, I fell out of my chair laughing at Lindsay Bembenek’s response that the Senator ‘responds to every constituent who calls or writes him.’ Even when I still resided in LA or since when doing something on behalf of someone back home I have never received even the ‘valuable’ form letter reply from his office which typically begins “Your issue is of vital importance just as my work regarding issue ‘blah blah’ is of vital importance which is why I introduced ‘yada yada’ or am blocking any Senate business by filibustering….”

Something Like the Truth


By Robert Mann

U.S. Sen. David Vitter may be in violation of U.S. Senate rules regarding official, franked mail that his office sent to Louisiana voters in early July, omitting a required disclaimer that indicates the letters were printed and mailed at taxpayer expense.

The first letter apparently targets women voters, a group Vitter has struggled to win over in his quest to become Louisiana governor, and it raises more questions about whether Vitter is using federal resources to support his campaign for governor. (Vitter’s aggressive use of Senate “field hearings” has also been questioned. Vitter, alone, is responsible for almost half of the field hearing held by U.S. senators in 2015.) The second letter is apparently aimed a gun-control opponents and stresses Vitter’s commitment to “Second Amendment rights.”

Vitter’s press secretary and his campaign press secretary declined my repeated requests for more information about the letters, including why they do not…

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