Half Staff for Chattanooga?

At times you ain’t gonna please anybody.

Murder is despicable; the loss of one’s life in service to their country is sad; reasonable and rationale people grieve in different manners; despite the judgments of others as to what is and is not appropriate, death and mourning are personal experiences.

My opinion is that attempting to make political points from the tragedy in Chattanooga is deplorable.

As for the half-staff arguments on both sides regarding what is and is not proper for the White House and President, I think everyone needs to chill and actually read President Obama’s Proclamation issued today.


First to those arguing that the Flag should not be lowered per the US Flag Code linked below:


or the Flag Manuel of the United States Marine Corps, a copy which is linked below:


It is correct that protocol does not address the situation directly in regard to a Presidential Proclamation being issued. These individuals did die while members of the Corps and one as a member of the Navy. Except for service members specifically named and veterans of any branch specifically named, it is customary that only specific Flags are lowered in memorial and out of respect. Since Eisenhower no US President has ordered the Flag to be flown half-staff for each individual service member killed in the line of duty whether that death occurred on American soil or foreign soil.

It is your right to question why special recognition should be given to those who died in Chattanooga and not for the countless others such as those who died during training exercises.

While there is no difference in the loss or worth of any of these individuals, those at Chattanooga died as a result of civilian violence directed at them which fortunately still remains the exception and not the norm in the United States.

For those criticizing the President for not lowering the Flag immediately:

Please consider that those arguing against have a valid contention in that these lives were taken in the performance of duty. The 2009 tragedy at Fort Hood did not result from civilian violence directed at our military but was inflicted by another member of the service. As some veterans eloquently stated, we are aware of the risks from outsiders but how do you anticipate a risk from someone who is supposed to be your brother.

The Presidential Proclamation linked below


Those killed in the mass shootings at locations such as Newtown were civilians and not members of the military.

The Presidential Proclamation linked below


Those who oppose the President issuing a Proclamation for the recent tragedy have valid points, but recognition of these individuals does not in any fashion diminish the deaths of others on active duty regardless of if they lost their lives on our soil, foreign lands, or waters.

Murder is murder, a combat death is a combat death, an accident is an accident. Someone mourns for one who has fallen.

For those critical of the President for not issuing an immediate Proclamation, a snap decision was not needed in regard to a display. Few individuals I think would have the ability not to cave to public pressure which came from both directions.

For anyone critical of the Proclamation issued today either because you feel it took too long or should not have happened at all, do you really want to appear that petty?  Seriously, these individuals were victims. Americans of every skin color, gender, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientation, and everything else are also victims of violence and tragedy as well. To disparage any weakens and belittles us all.

In the grand scheme of things do tributes to the fallen mean anything if we forget or trample over their remains be those remains physical or in essence?

Lest We Forget it should not be about politics and stirring agitation or support for those in your fold. It’s supposed to be about honor and respect for the fallen and working to limit the possibilities of future tragedies or accidents while balancing those desires with the necessity of remaining a part of this world and society.

Lest We Forget….Few Things of Meaning Are Easy…….

A couple of the many examples of the ridiculous politicking.