You Are Not Like Me Franklin Graham

Franklin Graham Facebook Page Post

A repugnant observation is that financial profit exists in propagating hatred and promulgating fear. A sad reflection is that one can be given honor not by fighting the true evil which does exist or even windmills from which a fantasy is born but of empty air from which the horrors and quest for glory truly derive from nothing.

Anyone reading this may in fact be killed in some terrorist attack. Chances are, however, that any death by physical force is more likely to be a result of unintentional injury or even intentional self-harm than at the hands of another. Chances are that heart disease, cancer, lower respiratory diseases, or strokes will be the cause before an accident. Alzheimer’s, diabetes, influenza, pneumonia, and kidney disease will be the cause before suicide.

We’re all more likely to be murdered by a family member than a stranger.

Listening to someone like Franklin Graham terrifies me as he transforms not windmills but empty air into dragons to slay. Hate is a perpetual cover of justification for there always might be a chance of a dragon within the fog.

For anyone to consider, let alone suggest, a reprisal of actions taken by our government previously against Nisei, Issei, and Kibei today for Muslims is delusional and morbid. (I have yet to discern when governmental overreach is bad or good except that it seems to depend exclusively upon the whims of the pundit at the given time).

Whether on the continental West coast or “Hell Valley” the Honouliuli Internment Camp on Oʻahu 70 + years ago, the roundup of innocent people in America happened because of jealousy, envy, and fear. The “enemy within” reprisals many anticipated came not via acts of sabotage because none took place.  Instead these mistreated and maligned individuals may be more accurately defined by the actions of a few representing not themselves but all Americans with the motto “Go for Broke,” receiving nearly 9,500 Purple Hearts, earning 8 Presidential Unit Citations, and having more than 20 individual Medals of Honor awarded. This was the legacy left by the 442nd Regimental Combat Team comprised by many who had been herded into these camps and had family still detained while they of Japanese heritage sacrificed in military service to our, no to their country.

What terrifies me about Franklin Graham isn’t so much what he says today, but who he decides to promote as the enemy tomorrow. What terrifies me about individuals like Franklin Graham is that by creating from air and casting that blanket of hate to cover, the actual dangers proliferate as numbers spring to stop a fantasy dragon which never materializes and what those numbers thought to be a windmill is the enemy within that continues to take masses. Whatever one’s opinion a sad fact cannot be disputed. Some group or individual will be next because financial profit rests in that hate and fear, and who’s to say that you or I won’t be the one responding to Next!

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