Shell game: Shouldn’t higher education leaders have more integrity than Bobby Jindal?

Even though I am not part of any of the Louisiana higher education systems, the complete absurdity of the Jindal administration through the course of his terms is really distinct even by Louisiana political shenanigans post Huey. At least as an outsider today, I can amuse myself briefly imagining what types of floats would appear in a modern version of Jimmy Morrison’s campaign “Convict Parade.” That brief chuckle, however, does not ease that “kick in the gut feeling” brought about by what seems to be a majority or at least a plurality of acceptance by various school and system administrators at this stage when, regardless of any partisan lens, zero doubt can exist about the purpose and utter ridiculousness of this SAVE proposal. When compared to many, I would have never imagined that Uncle Earl himself would be among the most refined and shockingly emotionally stable individual if he were at the Capitol today.

Something Like the Truth

By Robert Mann

What example do Louisiana’s higher education leaders set by promoting the deceit and chicanery that is the Student Assessment for a Valuable Education (SAVE) bill, supposedly created to rescue Louisiana’s higher education budget? What do they demonstrate with their eagerness to create a phantom fee that won’t be paid by anyone, but is designed only to help Gov. Bobby Jindal honor his no-tax-increase pledge?

Well, they are showing they believe that the ends justify the means. In other words, it’s acceptable to enable Jindal’s concoction of a dishonest financial scheme so long as the state’s universities raise the money needed to remain open this fall.

As explained in the Times-Picayune on Monday:

The governor is struggling to get a higher education tax credit through the Louisiana House. Without the measure, it will be very difficult to get the state budget in a position to comply with the ATR [Grover Norquist’s…

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