Did Bobby Jindal really slash state spending by 26 percent? Not even close

Something Like the Truth

Screenshot of Gov. Bobby Jindal on ABC's Screenshot of Gov. Bobby Jindal on ABC’s “This Week” on May 31, 2015. By Robert Mann

Gov. Bobby Jindal on Sunday morning proved once more that the networks’ weekend morning “news” shows are nothing more than platforms for politicians to reprise their shopworn talking points and mendacities without challenge.

This time, Jindal made the manifestly false claim that he has cut state spending by 26 percent. It’s an easy claim to disprove, which I’ll demonstrate.

I know that declining ratings have forced media organizations like ABC to economize, but couldn’t they at least give George Stephanopoulos an unpaid intern or two to research a guest’s record before handing over five minutes of network airtime for that person to blather and twaddle?

Or, did ABC forget to pay its cable bill last month? Maybe it had no Internet connection so George’s staff could not research and challenge the basics of Jindal’s…

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