Just Another Invisible Veteran to the GOP Since He Ain’t Rich

I recently discovered that a man who I thought I could help receive what he earned is not because of bureaucratic red tape.  Through patience and perseverance I have on many occasions navigated paths to cut red tape at its roots, but here that’s not possible.

Unknowingly this man is a victim of the childish, selfish partisanship where people oppose simply because Obama supports.

It’s infuriating.

I’ve known this man since we were kids in kindergarten. He never hurt people as a kid, and as a man has busted his tail working to provide for his wife and kids. I’ve met neither wife nor kids, but I’m confident that this man is not merely a father but a Dad, a role model for his kids, a man who carves out and even manufactures the time to spend with his family. I’ve seen pictures from fishing trips, heard stories about camping trips, property maintenance, working together preparing for truck and tractor pulls, along with school and sports events.

I don’t recall the last time that I saw him in person, but I still trust him more than I do most. I admire and respect him back from school and really just for being the man that he became and is. He’s a good guy who naturally does more for others than for himself. Whether he and I are on the same side or opposite side of any proverbial fence, I have this man’s back and know that he has my back regardless.

What’s ridiculous is that there would be no issue receiving what he earned with his military service if the paperwork had been processed properly prior to 17 January 2003. It was on 18 January 2003, yes a dozen years ago, that President Bush and Congress said sorry you’re too late and the government does not have the resources for people like my friend.

My friend did not know that because he was busting his tail working and being a Dad at the time. Given that he immediately began working after serving in the Navy, he never had need of VA Healthcare as health insurance for himself and later family after getting married came from his own pocket.  The only reason he thought of VA Healthcare at present involves dental work which will save him a lot of unnecessary pain in the future.  He’s not poor, but he’s definitely not rich either and feels the difference between paying say a deductible and maybe 30 percent not covered versus 100 percent of a dental or other medical bill.  He never shirked his responsibilities or had the fantasy that nothing bad will happen to me or my family. He never expected anyone else to come in and save the day because he failed to provide.

He just never knew that he had become a Priority 8 Veteran, a Veteran with no service-connected disability and who makes above a certain amount of income and is not allowed to enroll in the VA health program. I doubt that he is alone by not knowing that his eligibility rested on a single day about a decade following his discharge. If the paperwork had been processed properly on or before 17 January 2003?

Barack Obama knew, however, and as President in 2009 started the process of getting these people what they had earned by serving in the military. At the time some opposed given the status of government financials and others opposed purely from partisanship.

Barack Obama compromised, and I think prudently by signing orders to enroll these Veterans in smaller groups instead of all at once and overwhelming the system.

Eventually that may have occurred, but the death of Ted Kennedy gave the opposing political party the numbers to stall. Incidentally, Ted Kennedy along with then Senators Dan Inouye, John Kerry, and even Hillary Clinton cosponsored legislation to give these Veterans access to the benefits back in 2003 shortly after those benefits had been stripped. That Senate bill, S50, ‘‘Veterans Health Care Funding Guarantee Act of 2003,” of the 108th Congress never moved past committee.

You know that the spin has been that Obama and the Democrats hate America, hate Veterans, and so forth. Yet without Obama signing Executive Orders many Veteran services would have been kicked to the curb.  Just look at the actual record instead of relying upon someone’s rhetoric for source material.

Personally I do fault Obama for the dysfunction with the VA because it is a part of the Executive umbrella. Congress, however, never felt it important enough to take actions assisting Veterans so I doubt if Obama had attempted to address the dysfunction in its earlier stages that anything would have changed.

Yes, I know the memes and such display the unpatriotic President for shutting access to the Vietnam Wall Memorial, WWII Memorial, and other landmarks during the government shutdown. If Members of Congress like Ted Cruz had not wasted time reading Green Eggs and Ham to his kids while the CSPAN cameras rolled and they had done the very minimum of their jobs the shutdown would not have occurred.

I know that some seem to forget that non-government workers suffered from losing business without the foot traffic of government employees or operation of attractions.  They tried blaming Obama, but I wonder if any of these sites had been defaced such as what that fool did at the Lincoln Memorial would any Members of Congress have offered any of their own elbow grease for restoration. Sure they conducted photo ops of lifting ropes, but that was the extent of their work.

Even today the GOP budgets cannot find the funds to provide Veteran Services or to pay my friend what he earned, but they can fund bloated weapons contracts for equipment the Joint Chiefs of Staff say are not needed. They can conduct accounting tricks to have the finances to begin a future war but not for Veterans or active duty pay. Heck they might even pay for an entire war if it would last for what 2 weeks as Tom Cotton has stated. Senator Cotton has apparently learned American History that I never encountered when it comes to the lengths of military conflicts.

All of this time wasted ‘proving’ Barack Obama hates the United States of America.

  • You know it ain’t difficult to find photographs of any President delivering a formal address without the Flag being present. No it’s not camera angles or Photoshop, but a result of the location and staging.
  • The President is Commander in Chief, but how many members of the military salute when they are not in uniform? When did a President saluting even become a typical practice? (Hint it started in my lifetime).
  • Think about it, IKE who had some experience in the military did not engage in the practice of saluting as Commander in Chief. I wonder if that fact ever crossed any gossip fences or party line telephones?

Seriously, I look at the situation of my friend and former K through 12 classmate, and I ponder. I look at this situation as reported in Charlotte Observer about a man who will become blind, and I ponder.


One group talks and talks and talks; it’s Obama, Dummycrats, libtards, and the rest they squawk. Try reaching your hand out to them when it is you who are in need, when it is you looking for nothing more than what others who did the same earned, when you just want equal treatment, and unless you have a roll of bills in your hand, they who talk have proven by action that they will run from you and not merely walk.

In spite of all the rhetoric, it’s different when you look at the actual records.


“When troops serve, they are not divided by income classes or priority groups. Yet, today the VA is picking and choosing which veterans to serve. Barack Obama is committed to ending the unfair ban on health care enrollment of certain groups of veterans, including ‘Priority 8’ veterans who often earn modest incomes. He has voted to end this unfair policy, which has resulted in the VA turning away nearly one million veterans since 2003. As president, one of Barack Obama’s first acts will be signing an executive order reversing this ban.”


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    • Thank you Mr. Walkingfox. While I knew of the changes during the Bush administration, I mistakenly thought that it contained a sunset clause. Sadly I think my ole school friend isn’t the only Veteran impacted. If he simply refused to buy insurance that is one thing, but he has always provided insurance for himself and his family. For this dental work there is a huge difference in what he owes with his current insurance and what he would owe under the available plans for Veterans for which he always thought he was eligible to apply for either as his primary insurance or as a supplement to that he buys through his employer.

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