Breaking Up With Bobby Jindal

With everything happening in Louisiana at present I thought back to this Taylor Huckaby piece, a former Jindal staffer, who provides an explosive account of life behind the scenes with Bobby and his aides.

I’ve also experienced the same “what is best for the people moments” which is eye opening. For whatever reason, I thought this piece on Lamar White’s site appeared much longer ago but it was only 2 months. I think it definitely provides needed insight about what is happening today with the legislature in session and the governor off raising money for his presidential aspirations.


Former Louisiana Republican operative and New Media Director to the 2011 Bobby Jindal campaign, Taylor Huckaby recalls the birth, life, and death of his confidence in the Jindal brand.

When I was 19, I babysat Governor Bobby Jindal’s three children.

Yes, changing diapers and making sure all the broccoli was fully eaten would be the opening salvo of my career in government and campaign communications. Each day after classes back in 2008, a female friend and I would make our way to the Governor’s Mansion gate and do our best to help First Lady Supriya Jindal and a few state troopers wrangle the kids.  We’d had the good fortune of attending the same church as then-Chief of Staff Timmy Teepell, who offered us the gig one Sunday after services.  Naturally, we leapt at the opportunity.

I’d always found myself in a love affair with politics, being particularly drawn to the…

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