Please, Please, Please, stop and think?

“I do not wish to judge because it is so much easier to pass things on to the master!

Yes, I do slip and I am truly sorry for that.”

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I love all of you so please try not to place me into the cesspool with so many of those Buffoons?

I know that you are extremely upset with so many buffoon’s in the world today however, please also remember,

“Not one of them is a Christians”

They were, are, and will always be a Buffoon?

A true Christian of which I am striving to be, were not, are not now and will never be a judge, unless they take the bar exam?

Not the bar that they frequent the one where you become an attorney and then sit at a bench as a judge in a court of law?

And even that is not 100% correct because many of those people are also not “Christ-Like?”

Buffoon [ bəˈfo͞on ] a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.

synonyms: clown · jester · fool · comic ·

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