What a Screwed Up World

IT’S NOT DELIVERY. IT’S DIGIORNO.® I heard that commercial slogan before giving up on what turned out to be a really bad, single perspective, and mostly inaccurate documentary involving an aspect of Southern History. I like pizza, and my favorite pizza was back home at a family owned shop near Ponchatoula called Mr. B’s. I knew the owner (RIP Mr. Jim) and went to school with his children who like their Dad were very good basketball players. Later Mr. Jim’s son opened a takeout and delivery outlet down in Springfield. Either location had friendly service, locals active in the community, and they were friends along with their parents.  From a business perspective one received great tasting pizza at competitive prices that never lacked for quantity or quality of toppings. Seriously it would take at least 3 pizzas of the same circumference at one the chains to match the weight of a single pizza the same size at Mr. B’s, and that wasn’t merely dough weight.  Mr. Jim passed away much too early. Eddie went into a different profession, and even though I know that the main restaurant closed years ago I don’t know if the takeout outlet still exists in some fashion.

Well everyone has heard about Indiana’s new law and some discovered that their own states have similar versions.  One of these days I might compile a chart comparing and contrasting some of the different laws, but not here.

Alright I’ve never heard of Memories Pizza, so I obviously cannot rate either food or service. I’ve never been near Walkerton, Indiana, but I have heard of the town. At a conference I met a graduate student from Notre Dame who originally hailed from Walkerton. He used South Bend to approximate the town’s location verbally just as I used Baton Rouge to approximate the location of the Hungarian Settlement, Louisiana, when we began talking.

The only “news” clip that I have seen is this one from ABC57, and I’m not familiar with the station.

Now I think their report on Memories Pizza is a ridiculous piece being passed off as “reporting,” “journalism,” and as news.  Admittedly, I have limited knowledge but how and why did the reporters wind up at this particular establishment?  The lady being interviewed had not been in the actual situations but merely presented with hypotheticals.  I do, however, disagree with her opinion, but that’s really not my point.

How many people have rehearsal dinners with pizza, let alone contract for a pizza catering order for a wedding reception?

If such hypotheticals are news, I’m astounded that ESPN, FOX sports, NBC sports, or at least Tim Brandt from WJLA are not hovering around me right now. Actually I’m being discriminated against because I’m putting it in writing that I will not replace Mike Krzyzewski as coach of Duke in the Final Four even if the offer reaches $10 million for a maximum 2 game contract. I won’t even consider offers to replace Bo Ryan (too cold in Wisconsin), Tom Izzo (too cold in East Lansing as well), or John Calipari (I have stronger connections to other SEC schools).

Sadly in today’s environment some might feel like I’m actually the target of discrimination, and not giving an idiotic sarcastic comparison.

Agree or disagree with the lady or the gentleman, who if I’m recalling the interview correctly is her father, they voiced an opinion, nothing more and nothing less about a possibility that likely would be a slim given the number of pizza weddings in a town of about 2200 people.  Again, my opinion differs from their opinion, but I still find the backlash unwarranted.

The business, however, did not deserve this public outcry and being disparaged.

Yes, I’m hearing about the “liberal” media and the potentiality of groups of pizza devouring gay and lesbian couples taking over every pizzeria in the country.  I’m confident that some “conservative” writers are describing scenes of individuals confiscating every frozen pizza in grocery stores to prevent all heterosexual weddings from serving pizza at the receptions.

Now that imagery might sound idiotic, but unfortunately… 

It’s not far-fetched because in May 2014, Andrew Raymond, owner of Engage Armament in Rockville, MD, received death threats and threats against his business for just considering offering Armatix guns.


It wasn’t too long ago that the NRA nearly succeeded in putting Smith & Wesson, made in the USA since 1852, gun manufacturer out of business for wanting to incorporate measures such as locking devices, magazine size limits, and limitations on the number of Smith & Wesson guns a person could legally purchase within a set time.

Yep, Smith & Wesson was apparently anti Second Amendment if that makes any sense. That one ain’t no joke, sarcasm, but a summary of what took place in our recent lifetime. Obviously Smith & Wesson wasn’t spared the damage of the negative publicity at the time but has since regained the favor of the NRA and similar lobby groups.

Wherever you look effects of irresponsible media and the power of special interests can be seen in a number of examples. Both sides on the political scale are guilty just as everyone in between the extremes can be as well.  It isn’t Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Main Stream, or Fringe, but bad segments of any and all.

Fortunately we do have some highly talented, responsible, and professional members of the media who present events in the most thorough and accurate way possible as well as supporting causes to help others.  These ladies from my local news may be a treat to the eyes, but are excellent reporters, anchors, and a meteorologist who also participate in a number of charity events and awareness campaigns such as this one for World Autism Awareness Day.


One problem, however, is many of us do not want thorough, balanced, and accurate, but instead what fits our agenda and excites us. I’m guilty of that at times, and I know some really great people who also fail there occasionally.

Look at this “news.”


If anyone thinks that is accurate reporting, or heck even if you are like me in thinking that it is tabloid jingoistic nonsense please think about the following.

  • Did any of the parents of the children murdered at Sandy Hook receive even a portion of the monetary donations for their losses?
  • Some were publically chastised for mourning the death of their child because apparently asking WHY was deemed as some 2nd Amendment threat.
  • What is done for the people who lose their lives because some individual chose to drive while intoxicated or to speed?
  • What about the person who dies on the highway who is obeying all traffic laws, but the failings of our infrastructure cause a deadly accident?

(BTW:  Congress what is the status of the Federal Highways bill?  Sorry, I forgot that you’re still on recess so that you can complain about Iran, P5 + 1, and the United Nations possibly taking action as the times dictate instead of waiting for your latest fundraising and electioneering for 2016 is taking place).

These are tragedies, but where is the outpouring of public support and outrage?

Real media personalities are attacked for their appearance by anonymous and pseudo named individuals.

Fortunately, we do have many, many, thoughtful and sincere individuals in this world. We do have heroes and heroines who are not in costume but walking by us anonymously every day. We have people who are genuine; who care; and who are able to agree to disagree when necessary.

It’s about respect we have for ourselves and for others. It’s NOT about making mountains from molehills, creating controversy where there is none, creating scapegoats, selfishness, stupidity, ignorance, and most certainly NOT about HATE.

It’s a screwed up world when a simple flaw overwhelms and infinity of positives, people gain from disparaging others with no cause, and tearing down is not thought to be a stage in a process of building up but as a solution regardless of problem.

It’s a screwed up world when people threaten others because they disagree about things that have not actually occurred but are still only in theory. It’s screwed up to think that within days people have donated in excess of $500,000 to this business when food banks are poorly stocked, children are hungry through no fault of their own, and people have lost loved ones because a lack of attention to items which are beyond their control. We don’t have the resources or time for things like that yet funding goes to people for simply saying that would not sell their pizza at same sex weddings because of their religious views?

Those owners did not deserve the criticisms of their business. In my opinion, however, they should not be rewarded financially well beyond actual damages either.

People can toss about Bible quotations all they want concerning the issue of debate with Memories Pizza.

My point is that we apparently don’t have the time or resources to try and protect children.  That’s children who are born and those who could have been born.  That’s neither a so called gun control or abortion topic either. That’s about working to make the changes in society which limits the needs or desires for such. Teach sex ed., promote and encourage responsibility, foster conditions where people can build self-esteem and awareness, educate about how many potential loving parents are out there wanting to adopt children because they have been physically unable to have children.  Background checks by themselves won’t stop all acts of violence whether with a gun or a fist. Supporting safe handling and storage practices is not ‘control’ but common sense. Using technology to develop better safety devices should be a goal and not a threat.

Take actions before the fact, and do not blind yourself that total solutions are available after the fact. That’s a screwed up world.


Practically instantaneous communication is available with technology, yet we have lost the desire, ability, or perhaps both to actually communicate with one another as opposed to talking at and not listening to anything or anyone who says something of which we disagree.   We seem to care less and less about preventing crises and problems because it has become more profitable and has always been easier to simply complain without doing anything else.  What a screwed up world.