Do You Recognize Us

Do you recognize us?

Do you recognize us?

I’m asking a favor of fellow bloggers, social media, twitter, and anyone else for help in locating the individuals to whom this photograph belongs.

What happened is that my wife’s parents sent a box of some of her old children’s books that they had stored in California to us here in Maryland. They used the post office for shipping. Somewhere during transport it appears that they box they sent got damaged resulting in some of the contents falling out. I suspect that other boxes were also damaged, and the workers did their best to return the contents to the correct packages before resealing the torn boxes. We are missing a few of the children’s books which have no real monetary value as I’m sure that we will find copies in used bookstores. Our box also contained some books which are not ours, and I do not think they have any monetary value.

In our box, however, was this photograph which is not ours. It’s a standard picture, and its backing is aged. It’s only value would be sentimental to the people intended.

I cherish old photographs of people and places. It might be my history professor side or just because of the often fond memories a photo helps recall. I could not find this photo doing various reverse image searches on the web, so I doubt that it was commercial.

I just want the person not to lose an image of people special to them. If you would be so kind, please share this photo via your technological and other resources and hopefully we can return it to the people who would value it.

I scanned both a large 1200 dpi copy if someone needs to make the photo larger and also have a smaller copy which might be easier to share. Feel free to resize or change file types as needed. My scans are actual scans without any photo editing.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide,

Richard and Jen from LAB Louisiana Boy.

Do you recognize us?  Higher resolution file

Do you recognize us? Higher resolution file