Good question/ Good answer

Excellent piece as it results in pondering and reflecting on so many levels in addition to the teaching about Native Americans.

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Great Teacher!

Great Answer!

When asking a question remember that if it is your question, it is a good question if you keep it honest and clean.

Teaching from my elders, “if you are asking your question and this person looks annoyed, walk away because you should not trust the answer.”

“When answering a question remember that the only bad question is the one not asked so be concerned and diligent with your answer even if the answer is, “I do not know.”

The Question

What is the best way to teach students about Native Americans, both their past accomplishments and current progress?

I’m teaching a group of 2nd grade students about Native Americans of the North West next week, and so far, the curriculum seems highly reductive.

We’re to explain the concepts of the various tribes’ costumes, hunting methods and eventual “fall” due to the work of the settlers.

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