Obama the dictator ruling by fiat

Many American citizens describe Barack Obama not as President of the United States but as an individual who arbitrarily makes the rules in spite of our system of government. You can find terms such as Emperor, Monarch, King, Dictator used to describe this President. To some he is authoritarian; to others totalitarian. Apparently to those who do not like Barack Obama, he is a despot, tyrant, socialist, communist, Fascist, NAZI, or some combination of each who rules by executive fiat with his pen and phone.

My friend at Sachem Speaks wrote a brief piece titled “This president is not a god folks.”

I wrote a quasi-reply citing his piece

Simply put Barack Obama is not God, the Creator, or any Supreme Being.

He won two elections to become President of the United States of America.

Perhaps he won by fraud or hook and crook if you prefer, but he took the oath of office just the same as his predecessors who were recognized as the President of the United States of America.

My questions tonight

How many dictators, absolute monarchs, totalitarians, authoritarians can anyone name who allowed a vocal opposition to his or her executive diktats, decrees, orders, edicts, and rules?

What happens to those opposition voices until the despot has been deposed?

Attempts are made to silence the opposition. The opposition begins to dwindle and disappear.

Admittedly I am not at all familiar with the website cafemom. A friend did point me to this story: “50 right-wing news sources that are dumbing America.”

I’m not suggesting that any of the websites linked are of poor quality or are dumbing America.

Honestly, I’ve only seen a few of these sites and will not be clicking through the links.

I’m merely noting that in the comments posted with the entry, statements exist noting that the list was outdated or incomplete. In addition to omissions, apparently at least one individual retired, and a number of the news sources had changed names and so on.

In the final comment, an individual with the screen name of SallyMJ provides an addendum to the original list given by the original poster.

SallyMJ gives an expressive list, and it appears that she barely chipped that ole iceberg or as I would say “ain’t even close to startin’ let alone finishin’” given that she apparently knows what she is talking about.

My point is that 100+ “conservative” news sources who opposed either the policies of Barack Obama or the individual Barack Obama are readily noted by those who agree with the President and those who oppose.

Numerous others exist. Think about it, you or I can step out amongst practically any group of people and find at least one person critical of the President or anything else for that matter.

The number and the openness of opposition to a leader that we can have in the United States could not exist in a true totalitarian or authoritarian state.

In modern times, we haven’t even come close to the limits on free speech and assembly imposed by the various Sedition Acts  passed previously during the course of United States history.

Is that the type of respect We the People have for the sacrifices and struggles of people who shed their blood, sweat, and tears in an attempt for freedom or simply to survive? Apples to apples comparisons do not exist within our own country’s history, and most of us cannot truthfully fathom the atrocities which have taken place in other states just during my parents and my lifetime.

When you think about it, it makes our complaints appear quite petty.  Must create a monster from nothing to proclaim that we ourselves have struggled like those who walked before us?


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