Follow the leader efficiency, attention insufficiency, education deficiency

Took a few minutes to check my Facebook feed to see some pictures posted by friends back home, and I came across yet another example of our desires to believe what we want to believe regardless.

Here’s a screen capture of the post, and you can see the likes and shares given in the span of less than 4 hours. A quick perusal of the 2500+ comments finds overwhelming agreement with the story’s headline. The commenters express disdain, disgust, and sadly hatred for Michelle Obama and the alleged complaints.

False Facebook Post

It’s on Facebook so it must be true, right? Well this story and video are neither skewed nor twisted but actually fabricated.

One finds the same types of comments on the actual site page.

Look at the initial source cited via a hotlink,

As you can see the Facebook article has already switched the complaint being made by President Barack Obama to Michelle Obama.

Back on the Breitbart article you will find links to a publication, The Economist, with which I’m familiar. The link is not to an in depth article, but it does concern a proposal in Germany made a few years ago about paying benefits to stay-at-home Moms. I’m not familiar with the other linked publication, The Grindstone, but the link goes to a short piece concerning paid maternity leave in the United States.

At the bottom of the Breitbart page is an embedded You Tube video titled:  “Obama complains that Michelle doesn’t make money as first lady,” which is a one minute clip from a Barack Obama 2012 campaign speech in Colorado.

Here’s that portion of what President Obama said on that 8 August 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

The President. “And let me say this. When I talk about women’s issues, I’m talking about the experiences that I’ve seen in my own life. Everybody knows Michelle. The fact that we are partners in this process, this journey of life, has been my source of strength. And I want to make sure that she has control over her health care choices. I want to make sure that when she’s working, she is getting paid the same as men. I’ve got to say, First Ladies right now don’t—[laughter]—even though that’s a tough job.

You know, my own mom would have been 70 years old this year. And my sister and I lost her to cancer when she was just 52 years old. And she got to meet Michelle, but she never got a chance to meet her granddaughters or watch them grow up. And I often think about what might have happened if a doctor had caught her cancer sooner, or if she had been able to spend less time focusing on how she was going to pay her bills and more time on getting well.”

Audience member. “She is still with us!”

The President. “She is still with us. She is in a better place.

I think about Malia and Sasha, and I think to myself, well, we’re not going to have an America where they have fewer opportunities than somebody’s sons.”

Barack Obama: “Remarks at a Campaign Rally in Denver, Colorado,” August 8, 2012. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project.

  • Two years ago those words were apparently a complaint about First Ladies not receiving salaries?
  • Today those same words are apparently a complaint by Michelle Obama for not receiving a salary as First Lady?
  • Today former First Lady Laura Bush is responding to these alleged Michelle Obama complaints?

When opposition finds it necessary to not just skew or spin the words but to actually fabricate the events under the guise of journalism, what does that say about the ability and credibility of the opposition?

I rate Barack Obama as an average President, and I would rate Michelle Obama as above average as a First Lady. Even without hatred or utter disgust at either, I can name a number of things where I disagree with both.

Why is it then that the vocal opposition must blatantly fib, or flat out lie about the Obamas?

Which is a religious, Christian, ethical, reasonable, and respect for the people of the United States of America position?


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