The sad demise of the Louisiana Democratic Party

An excellent article by Professor Mann giving another example of how we need to vote for the individual and not merely party line. Our vote should be for the individual who we feel will do the best job representing us and working to make the country and world a little bit better. Sadly the lesser of two evils statement is often true in politics and while I’ve only worked for candidates I truly support, my vote has more often than not for the lesser evil.

On a side note: even though I have not lived in LA for years and obviously vote in another state, the 6th District is the district in which I was reared. The current gerrymandering of it and the other LA districts are ridiculous in my opinion, but the 6th and the Florida Parishes have been unique historically. While he looked and campaigned like a Long, Jimmy Morrison really didn’t fit neatly into either the Long or anti-Long machines. While I never knew Henson Moore like I got to know Morrison post Congressional career, Moore came to my Grandfather’s place on a few occasions during my childhood. I didn’t always agree with Richard Baker’s positions, but I did receive actual replies to questions I posed to him.

All I can say is wherever you reside, please cast your vote for the individual and get with your neighbors to encourage your elected officials to represent the best interests of their constituents and not be voiceless yes people to a political party.

Something Like the Truth

Former Gov. Edwin Edwards last March at the Baton Rouge Press Club (Photo by Robert Mann) Former Gov. Edwin Edwards last March at the Baton Rouge Press Club (Photo by Robert Mann)

By Robert Mann

I’ve been around politics long enough to know that elections are usually choices between the lesser of two, or many, evils. There is no perfect candidate, just as there is no perfect spouse, friend or job. Most of life, in fact, is a series of choices among imperfect options.

Yet, there are certainly completely unacceptable candidates for public office, just as there are individuals totally unsuited for marriage or friendship.

When it comes to political candidates, former Gov. Edwin Edwards is unacceptable in almost every way.

That’s why it was so disappointing to learn that the state’s Democratic State Central Committee had overwhelmingly endorsed Edwards for Congress on Monday. In embracing Edwards’ campaign, the state’s Democrats endorsed someone who represents the worst of the state’s political history – a sorry legacy…

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