Bobby Jindal at It Again

I’ve said a number of times that President Barack Obama was in a no win situation in the form of danged if he does and danged if he doesn’t in winning both elections. Some people expected miracles with hope and change, and the President of the United States of America really doesn’t have that type of individual power as the position is a part of a system. Others sought to sabotage the presidency even before inauguration and refuse to see anything positive. People with any type of contact with me whether from writings, classrooms, occupational or as a friend, know that I focus on Congress for both good and bad, since so much power, especially in regard to domestic affairs, resides in that branch. The shrinking and sadly disappearing of individuals in both Chambers who could work across the aisle is a major problem in my opinion. Party labels mean more than the actual people and what they do. Historically I’ll contend that the United States of America as we know it today would not exist without the work of individuals such as Henry Clay, and people labeled as Boll Weevils, Blue Dogs, and a host of other names. I’m referring the United States as a world power when I say “exist.”

In many ways certain governors have more power in their state than the President has in the country as a whole. That is certainly true back home. I’m not rehashing everything Bobby Jindal has done. The additional time with this weekend to converse with friends and family back home coupled with this article in the Baton Rouge paper made me think about Bobby’s I’m not running for President even though I’ve been campaigning claims for the past several years.

Here’s a “punny” but heartbreaking when I think about home, image of how I might project a future Jindal election campaign for any office.

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