Mullets on the Hill and in the White House

Whether they actually have any direct responsibility or not, the President of the United States of America is typically blamed or credited for events both foreign and domestic. Like practically all politicians from President of the United States of America to one of ten Homeroom Representatives for the 1st Grade at Oak Tree Elementary, the candidate or holder of the office will say anything to place themselves into the best light. Many times what they say is technically true because it is prefaced or limited to individual events and is not representative of the entire context.

In reference to Iraq, Obama did campaign and promote the removal of US troops in electioneering rhetoric. He has also promoted the idea of the advantages of a new status of forces agreement. Some argue that he did not pursue that new agreement with much enthusiasm. All are true.

People need to read that 17 November 2008 document, however, because reliance upon electioneering rhetoric to prove or disprove something of substance is not going to be successful. Perhaps if Congress had not delayed so many foreign affairs appointments merely for political posturing, events might be different. Perhaps if there had been even an iota of a chance of Congressional support for the President in negotiating a new status of forces agreement one could have been made with the Iraqi government. Perhaps that may have made a difference. Perhaps it would have made no difference.

Hindsight is 20/20 but even the benefit of that vision has not prevented the continuation of conflict in that region. I doubt if optimism concerning US troops being on the ground would be so high without the partisan rhetoric. At the time I recall many supporting the return of the men and women back to the states. At least consider when much opposition is based solely upon disagreeing with the positions of the President likely are those positions to be credible.

What the administration had moved to establish only a few years ago was considered evil, anti-American, and what have you. Naturally with the less than underwhelming support it failed. Today the opposition is criticizing why the administration didn’t do everything necessary to establish what Congress and critiques opposed just the other day.

Flip flops, well of course, it is politics, but some people are actually trying to convince others that those jumping mullets are the same as specks and reds. Yes, some restaurants up here have mullets on the menu, but I refer to them as bait and not as good eats. Mullet, speck, or red, which do you want filling your gut?  Regardless of preference, you will have the fun fight if using light tackle to land the fish and the enticing serenade of those landed croakers.  Sadly to some politics are more important than any crises.