The Obama War against Chick-fil-A and Christianity

Hate. It ain’t a pretty word. It ain’t a positive thing. Hate is dislike on steroids accompanied by the roid rage.

It is frightening how easy and undetectably hate can permeate. How it quietly stains us while we exist oblivious to such a potentiality. How it can control our reasoning and command us to robotically deny its presence. How it transforms an appearance that everyone sees except for those looking at a reflection or those imbued by a similar hate.

Sadly with hate, one can achieve both profit and power. To those who espouse that philosophy the end justifies the means, but perhaps to the benefit of mankind and nature clout achieved by a singular reliance on hate has been short lived throughout history.

People disagree. We argue with those we love the most. Differences of opinion are not hate. Even when those differences are irrational, that line is not necessarily crossed.

Some will contend that any emotion can skew rationale thought and behavior. For example some say that love is blind. Perhaps that is true, but maybe another line exists. That border being a love of the person or thing but a displeasure or hate of the action.

On the other hand, what creates hate? I think I know, but I’m not really sure even if I were eloquent to express my thoughts on paper. I do, however, believe that a proposition which relies upon false statements, neglect of information, and emotion inducing actions and reactions is rarely, if ever, credible and historically is nothing more than attempts to disguise the real danger by projecting the image of peril onto another.

For some this example involving President and Mrs. Obama may sound petty. Friends and colleagues have already challenged my opinion by citing other examples as to why they disapprove of the President. Still, the fact that I’ve been inundated this past week with copies of this article by Todd Starnes from FOX which has been reprinted in a number of sources, many of which promote themselves as Christian publications, seems to strengthen my feelings of the control of hate.

The crux of the story is students at South Carolina’s Socastee High School will no longer be able to purchase Chick-fil-A sandwiches at school. Mr. Starnes writes:

“Hunger pains aside, there’s another consequence to the Chick-fil-A ban – all the profits funded field trips for the school’s special education students.”

Apparently all of this evil has been caused by Michelle Obama.  Mr. Starnes begins his story:

“The First Lady of these United States has declared war on Chick-fil-A.

It seems the home of plump juicy breasts and hot buttered buns has run afoul of the new Smart Snacks in School program. The program is a component of Mrs. Obama’s Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.”

If you want to read the law, here it is.

Here’s the entry page on GovTrack to learn more of the background and the links to Thomas for primary source materials.

Unlike Mr. Starnes, I’ll type and link to the House vote on this bill which was 264 in favor 157 opposed and 13 not voting.

That vote wasn’t strictly party line as 17 Republicans voted aye and 4 Democrats voted no.

Over in the Senate the bill passed by unanimous consent, so I cannot link a nonexistent listing with a record of individual votes.

Somehow this law is Mrs. Obama’s. She is to blame. Now we will have as Mr. Starnes writes:

“School leaders are bracing for the outrage when returning students learn that there won’t be any more bake sales. No more cupcakes. No more Cheese Doodles. Just bottled water and fat-free kale chips – all thanks to Mrs. Obama’s meddling.”

He concludes:

“Remember that the next time you see Mrs. Obama scarfing down a burrito and chili cheese fries — while telling the rest of us to eat our Brussels sprouts.

Just some food for thought.”

What have I learned from Mr. Starnes and others critical of the First Lady for these happenings in South Carolina?

Obviously Mrs. Obama has the power to enact a law, and I guess that it’s only a coincidence that the House voted in favor and the Senate only cast a verbal vote because of lack of opposition.

It has reinforced my opinion that Chick-fil-A sandwiches are quite tasty, and when I must eat from a fast food place Chick-fil-A is one of my preferred choices with the classic sandwich being my usual order. Actually my favorite menu item at Chick-fil-A is their vanilla ice cream which I prefer in a cup instead of a cone. Personally I do find Chick-fil-A and actually every restaurant to be too liberal with the salt, so I would not eat out every day even if the food were free.

Apparently, however, I’m wondering if I missed the boat in high school. Instead of brown bagging my peanut butter sandwich, leftovers, or going to the lunch room for that old style, taste free when good, hope the milk is cold but not frozen, having all the lunch ladies in those hair nets asking about Mom, Dad, Grandpa, or Grandma and telling me how much I’ve grown, and sweating at least a pound or two off just from the steam coming from the washing of those plastic trays, I could have demanded good ole commercial fast food be available.

I may have even had the Constitutional right to not eat any veggies or fruits at home and get my parents and grandparents banned for daring put that stuff on the table. I could make an academic argument citing portions of the ratified text, the Bill of Rights, and then apply those to state or even private efforts through incorporation aspects of the 14th Amendment. No offense to anyone here as my late mother loved them, but after trying them raw and prepared in a number of fashions to me the consumption of oysters is akin to cruel and unusual punishment cited in Amendment 8 and restricted by entities outside the Federal government in later court decisions.

Of course in my child and teen situation, I may have even been excused from spending time out in the fields picking many of the vegetables that went on our table since the First Ladies were Rosalyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, and Barbara Bush and not the “meddling” Michelle Obama.

It may have been different in cities, but did anyone in rural America as kids have such an intense dislike or hatred of the Presidential Physical Fitness concept? Was anyone blaming Eisenhower for that? Did the media and opposition to Kennedy attack him for expanding the concept beyond the youth of America? How many people used the establishment of the award as primary example of their anti-Lyndon Johnson feelings? How about Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and the second Bush? It’s only the Obama support of promoting exercise and healthier activity that has many regarding such as evil.

You know with the exception of high school, I cannot tell you where any of my academic diplomas are as I do not hang them in frames either at home or in my office. Back home somewhere at my Dad’s house there are probably boxes of assorted trophies and certificates casually tossed in without much care from different types of athletics. If he threw stuff away, they would probably be in a landfill or recycled into who knows what by now. Heck, I wouldn’t know where to find my first black belt which I kept bloodstained from the weekend after being awarded my shodan in that style and winning my first regional kumite tournament as a black belt. Still, I can pinpoint the “secret” hiding place in my old bedroom where a number of blue Presidential Fitness patches I won from elementary and junior high are kept along with some other keepsakes from childhood and teen years.

Presidential Physical Fitness Award Patch

A war on Chick-fil-A and covered as factual news by Christian outlets?

Is the hate against eating healthier?

Is the hate against exercise and physical activity?

Is the hate against parenting or anyone trying to teach a teen or child?

Is it the love of stomach aches?

Does some powerful lobby have a massive stockpile of castor oil they want to sell?

It must be one of those since every bad thing is the fault of Michelle or Barack Obama.

Strangely enough, kids at South Carolina’s Socastee High School can still bring Chick-fil-A sandwiches to school to eat. Parents can buy and serve their children Chick-fil-A or any fast food for that matter 24/7. Eat pizza, eat cake, and eat the biggest Hershey bar ever made while dipping it into a gallon sized container of peanut butter.

Unfortunately with so much school time devoted to testing, kids might not be able to enjoy my all-time favorite high school lunch of going out into the Ag Shop field and picking a pint or so of strawberries using the hand to mouth technique and maybe pulling up a carrot or grabbing a cucumber or bell pepper for the walk back to the classrooms.  I know that some school districts cannot have a class or club fund raiser serving BBQ Chicken, Jambalaya, or Fried Catfish because of liability issues and school and community apathy. We sweated our tails off working alongside teachers, principals, and members of the community preparing and delivering what we called good eats. On multiple occasions I was on our high school campus about 4 am on Saturday to start cutting and seasoning chickens or skinning and cleaning catfish so that the first round of cooked dinners would be ready for 11:30 am.

Sure we complained, but that complaining stopped long before we used the profits for whatever that specific benefit was intended. We stopped complaining once more classmates arrived and we started talking and flirting with each other. There was also something reassuring, strangely enough, standing next to a teacher or principal when you both had knives and playfully flick the raw meat juices at each other, having teachers dump a bucket of water over your head, gathering up collections of silk from fresh shucked corn to string on a classmate or teacher, and later sitting under an oak tree feeling something wet striking you behind your ear, turning and seeing the school principal and a member of the school board engaged in shooting watermelon seeds at unsuspecting targets.

School would not have been that way if hate controlled. I wonder if kids get that experience in school. In terms of physical fitness, I would bet that those considered the most out of shape and the worst athletes at my school would be in the upper percentages in terms of physical fitness if they were in the schools today. When I was in high school those of my Dad’s generation would still run with us and participate in any games or activities. Slowed by age, they still hung with us and at times beat the snot out of us. Today I see so many younger people 3 times my physical size, yet I can lift them onto my shoulders and carry them for a distance that they can barely cover just walking themselves. Granted they can type and use electronics better than me.

All of this negativity and accusations against Michelle Obama for a law passed by Congress and promoting healthier eating, increased physical activity, and learning how to best care for one’s own physical being doesn’t make sense. Regardless of if you want to eat your weight in Chick-fil-A, could it be opposition because an Obama supports? Didn’t Presidents Eisenhower through W. Bush along with the First Ladies meddle just as much as President and Mrs. Obama in terms of promoting children’s health and physical fitness?

If that answer is no, then who exactly is propagating a “war on Christianity?” Why the hate?

Just some food for thought.


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