A Statistical and LouisianaBoy Congress-Obama Abstract

Executive Orders are not equal, so I typically dismiss those statistical arguments when made without additional context. What I find difficult to argue statistically, however, is how such a power grabbing, anti-Constitutional, divisive, and obstructing of Congress President has only managed to veto 2 bills with neither being overridden. Heck Reagan issued 78 vetoes (50 percent of those pocket vetoes), and Congress overrode 9 of the 78.

For my Uncle Earl Long “call me crazy” moment for today, if Congress would simply do their jobs many of the recent Executive Orders would not be possible. If Obama disagreed and vetoed bills, Congress has the authority to override. Actually Congress can vote to render any Executive Order null and void by merely passing legislation to force a Presidential decision.

The previous and current Congress, however, have done neither. Is it possible to bypass something that ain’t really there because they ain’t doing what they are complaining about the most since those decisions ain’t goin’ to or gonna puhleez everyone? When did it become anti-American to tell 535 individuals to do their job, and because they ain’t 1 person has to accept responsibility for decisions that have been left to him by that 535? The past 2 Congresses remind me of Livingston Parish fields following a rain storm. There are mounds of ants or is that ain’ts all over the place, and that isn’t or ain’t something I want. I reckon many would agree, especially if you have experienced fire ants during a flood.

BTW: I ain’t never worn a paper bag or been an Ain’t because long before Mora, Haslett, and Payton, it has always been the New Orleans Saints and turn off the TV volume and crank up WWL 870 AM with Jim and Hokie today who may have surpassed Jim and Archie as my favorite duo. I will always, however, consider the Pat Summerall for football and Vin Scully for baseball type announcers the best of the best.