Open Carry

Here’s my Uncle Earl Long and you wanna call me crazy thought of the day

Back home in rural Livingston Parish if I see someone I do not know walking along the road next to a wooded area carrying a long gun, I’m not startled by the gun. If I see someone I do not know at a boat launch with a long gun, I’m not startled. If I see someone with a long gun out in a field, I’m not startled. Now in that situation if I do not know that person, but I know who owns that field I will inform the owner of that field.

On the other hand, if I see someone I do not know or even when I know them carrying a long gun in one of the Walmarts, grocery stores, convenience stores, churches, schools, feed and seeds, or just standing up on the overpass or bridge looking down and similar, I’m not startled but alarmed and concerned. How do I know that person is a “good” person?  Why does someone I know “need” their rifle or shotgun at that time and place?  Should I just hope that accessory they are carrying is somehow not connected to our conversation the night before? Oh so what if their boss is giving them heck at work, their little girl has the flu, and they had to leave out to once again get the drunk cousin before he got arrested for disturbing the peace? I should know things like that never bother us after we are able let off some steam with a friend. [Sarcastic font again]

What is there to stop one of these deranged lunatics with a suicide wish from openly carrying a long gun into a store under the premise that they are displaying “their rights” and then opening fire on the cereal aisle? What’s to stop a boyfriend or girlfriend who feels jilted from walking in and taking a shot at the person they feel wronged them while that person stocks the shelves or is the cashier at checkout 2?

Oh, that’s right; no rational person would dare commit a crime where others are openly carrying. Yep, deranged lunatics are rational; people never commit suicide for reasons only they can comprehend; and I’m anti-gun. [Sarcastic font repetition throughout]

I’m so anti-gun, that I just might head out to the range this afternoon with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, 4 and a quarter inches, 24 ounces, reinforced polymer chassis, 17 + 1 magazine, synthetic grip, Dovetail front and Novak rear sights, double action 9mm, and ambidextrous controls but only after cleaning Mr. Browning .306 Springfield Lever with the 22 inch barrel.

I’m so anti 2nd Amendment and don’t know a bleeping thing about US history or the Constitution, especially the “new and improved” original intent pop history because I’ve actually read primary documents, not just to take quotes, but actually read 1000s of pages myself versus having someone making gabs of money on talk radio or hate TV who ain’t got a clue and must resort to emotional rants and name calling when confronted with aspects of what Max Farrand collected or Jonathan Elliot before him.

Just like socks on a rooster for ole Uncle Earl, it’s all logical, “sensical,”“I hear that,” copy, and is as reasonable as two nutria riding on the back of a gator at a drive thru window to get themselves some strawberry daiquiris before heading over to the new flea and skeeter circus before it gets overrun by a bunch of choupique.