Lunch Time Contemplations After Hearing Never Too Many Times…

I learned a long time ago that if the only way you can make yourself look good is by making others look bad, what does that say about your own ability?

I’ll agree that two wrongs do not make a right, but I’ll also argue that on occasion it might take two wrongs to enable a right to be made.

Some believe that the end justifies the means, but I’ll assert that is correct on occasions and not all the time.

Most of us have unbreakable principles, but does unbreakable always mean that our principles cannot bend to some degree.

We can all talk about what we would do in a given situation, but that is theory. Some can discuss reality because they have been in a given situation, but that is history. A current or future situation may be similar but will not be the same and therefore has some degree of question.

What dumbfounds me are double standards. Nothing will ever be equal. Being fair depends on one’s definition and feelings of fair and, as a result, differs. Does allowing one to have the same rights you or I have today a threat to our rights? In the past they may not have been afforded the same rights, but is that a legitimate justification for today?

Just a thought but life can be very simple regardless of all the complexities and it can be extremely complex regardless of how simple. It seems that many problems result from trying to make the simple complex and the complex simple.

There may be an answer; yet that answer may be incapable of being known.

The cause of this contemplation is listening to continuing arguments concerning Bowe Bergdahl. I have more in another post. The continuation of certain Congressional comments containing “never, never, never…” rubbed me just past a tolerance level. You don’t need degrees in history. In fact some history professors will argue that this event is too recent to be truly investigated from an historical perspective.

It was only a dozen years ago. The year was 2002.  I was in the midst of applications, interviews, and making myself as visible as possible at conferences in hope of obtaining my then goal of a tenure track position. Well I received a few offers, accepted one at a CC versus another at a 4 year based on geographic location. Now if I had not given a verbal commitment to the CC, about 3 weeks later I would have accepted a position at another 4 year institution. Who knows where I would be today if the chair of that search committee had not gotten sick causing a delay in their decision. Later I did meet the person hired at a conference where we both presented, and both of us would have been good fits at that university.

Returning to never, Fox News still has the link active from 2002.  The headline in this article by Bret Baier is, “U.S. Facilitated Ransom to Abu Sayyaf.”

Different Presidents, different circumstances, different regions, but if people are so outraged today, why weren’t they then? Why are the people outraged then not shouting foul today?

Just some contemplations during lunch.