Do Politicians Cast Votes for Money?

By no means am I expressing a personal legitimacy opinion regarding the Ouachita Citizen or any opinion of Vance McAllister as either an individual or Member of Congress with the link below.

The question is whether or not politicians cast votes for money?

If one wants to believe James Weidman’s statement concerning Heritage (his bio linked), my question is where does Heritage money go?

Have you ever looked at the revenue of this “small” non-profit tax-exempt charity (990 IRS forms linked below)?

How much influence can anyone have with a mere $86 million of which $78 million came from donations just from 1 year?

Of course money does not influence politics. It’s free speech which needs to be protected. The Heritage research and position are linked here.

More Sarcasm below:

Remember to look for me at the NBA Finals. I’m going by the name Tim Duncan since I did not win the Belmont Saturday when I ran as California Chrome (hey you try crawling 1.5 miles in a horse disguise and see if you could have done better). Seriously, I liked that horse, thought the jockey rode a good race, and it was just one of those days when the horse did not have it and was beaten fair and square that day on that track. The same race on the same track and even the same pole positions on another day, and it might have been a different outcome. Of course that is true of the other races as well, but I did like the look of California Chrome. No disrespect intended to Tim Duncan as well. I’ve never been on the Wake Forrest campus, and am simply using the name based on height similarities as we are approximately the same height give or take more than a foot.

Just an aside here:

I used Heritage simply because of the article. Any group, especially any tax exempt 401(c)(4), could be argued as influencing votes regardless of political party, candidate, or ideological position.