The Green Eyed Monster

Of all the tangible and perceived trials, tribulations, obstacles, hurdles, challenges overcome to this point in my life and of all the intangible demons encountered whether in reality or within a magical, mythical, or mystical realm, the Green Eyed Monster has never attacked or possessed me.  I have kept jealous watches over those near and dear, and at times that area has expanded to include complete strangers who just happen to inhabit the same sphere and space as me at a given time but in manners which forbade the Monster’s presence.

I’m lucky and fortunate that my rearing basically rendered any Green Eyed Monsters capable of masquerading in another form helpless, unable to grow, or to perpetuate. It was not my accomplishment, but the teachings of those mentors I observed ever so closely to make do with what you have and not worry with what you are without that built my resistance. I observe and often seek to emulate, but the purpose is not to replicate but instead to formulate an adaptation which works for me. Competition with others is easily seen and appreciated, but it is that internal competition within to move to a higher level which is savored. Therefore what others have and do is meaningless outside of what you can learn from and discover within what you have available at a given time.

It’s difficult to imagine what my Grandfather, his peers, my Dad, and his peers would have said if I attempted to employ a justification that “someone else is doing it, or everybody else gets to do it.” They would not have wasted the breath to reply with a “well if everyone is jumping off a bridge, would you” type of comment.

If they spoke any words it would simply be “who cares, what matters is what you should do.” Peer pressure meant nothing unless that pressure was edifying. Following a crowd meant a degree of ignorance, stupidity, or some combination of both when that crowd held you back. Respect for yourself mattered and was best displayed via the respect you gave to others. Whether out in the field, in the packing shed, on the river or lake, in a K&B store, being with others or being alone the same principles applied.

Today the parents, teachers, supervisors, managers, spokespeople, representatives, and so on that I respect and admire are not blindly persuaded by the excuse that someone else has something or is able to do something. Outside input and feedback are considered and placed within context, but rarely if ever is that outside stimuli unquestionably definitive.

Why then is the “good for the goose, good for the gander” excuse so prevalent and accepted?

  • Person A is a lying no good cheat, but I agree with Person A so being a lying no good cheat is OK for Person A because Person B with whom I disagree is a no lying no good cheat.
  • The media personality from network Z always tosses out the race or gender card, and network Z is the worst network ever. Network Y, however, tosses out their race or gender card which I agree with so it is OK because network Z throws out the cards as well.

Aren’t they really promoting that we should all lower ourselves to the least common denominator because the opposition gets to do the same?

Are we then parents, teachers, supervisors, managers, spokespeople, representatives, and so on, or are we in reality Green Eyed Monsters masquerading as such?

The excuse might be in the line of “you can’t fight fire with fire.”

The truth, however, is that you can fight a fire with fire, but you can also fight the fire with water, dirt, air, and so on. It can be extinguished by both additives and attrition.

So why do we not only accept but champion the “monkey see, monkey do” “let’s follow no matter what” methodology when it neither teaches nor edifies?

How big and powerful are those Green Eyed Monsters in today’s partisan political sphere?

They certainly are becoming more and more prevalent.