Voting Fraud

It’s late on Friday night, but I have been hit with a number of statements concerning President Obama’s remarks tonight concerning voter restrictions. This is rougher than normal because I’m merely typing as I think instead of thinking before I type.

If you have no clue why I would type something on this issue so quick, I’m linking a general article from Yahoo for reference.

I’ve done everything involved with elections other than being a candidate for office. I’ve worked every level of various campaigns for candidates running as Republican, Democrat, and having no party affiliations at all. What mattered to me was that I felt each person was the best individual for the position.

I’ve been a precinct worker, and an official observer for my candidates. I’ve participated in the loading and unloading of voting machines. I’ve stood closely by and verified the vote totals being read out after opening the machines.

In my work as a professor, I’ve studied past elections in minute detail. I have conducted hours upon hours of oral history interviews with individuals who know more about the intricacies of the elective process than many people can tell you about their own children or parents.

There are issues with our voting system, but these proposals do not address the primary areas of voting fraud. The corruption takes place before an individual reaches the ballot box or after the votes have been cast in the handling of the ballots or most often in the counting.

I address Voter ID here:

The Texas law controversy from last year here:

And Real ID here:

To friends back home in Louisiana whether you agree with Obama or not on this issue or whether you have a state issued drivers license or state issued ID or not, be prepared if a stricter photo ID requirement is enacted to vote in the state of Louisiana to be waiting in line for just a little bit of time.


Unless you have a passport, and outside of a few people I know back home the only friends with passports have them because of a past or upcoming vacation, you will have to wait in line and most likely pay for a new ID card.


Louisiana still hasn’t complied with the REAL ID Act of 2005. You can reread the background in the boarding the plane piece. Therefore, your ID is not a valid form of identification.


If you want to call me a schmuck or blind about all this fraud and how an ID solves the problems, please read my other two pieces first. I recognize that problems exist, and cite some potential fixes to those problems.

Something from the historical view…

By the way, both major political parties have attempted to limit the franchise right in the history of this country. In reality all of our prominent political parties have. Whether that is right or wrong is up to you, but in the United States of America under the Constitution that procedure dates back to those who signed the document to become our government. I’m not sure if any of my friends would have been eligible to vote based on the qualifications needed back then. Even if someone is wealthier than I think, HIS vote would only be for a Member of the House. HE could not vote for anything else at the Federal level and SHE wouldn’t be allowed to vote for anything. Black or White skin would not even be an issue regarding voting for people like me back in that period of the United States of America.