Why Can’t Obama Be the Problem? Or Solution…

“Short of reaching a big deal, we can still leverage opportunities before us to make progress toward the goal that proponents of such a deal have long sought. If we’re going to show the world that America is serious about tackling our problems head-on, Congress will have several opportunities this year to work in a bipartisan way to fix structural problems in our budget.”

When other Members of Congress demonize the quote above as partisan grandstanding for the upcoming elections, is there any hope for anything other than status quo?

Harry Reid threatens the Senate with weekend work or cutting time from the scheduled 2 week recess in April unless issues such as a possible aid package for the Ukraine; an extension of federal unemployment benefits; proposals to hike the minimum wage; and the medical doctor issue that would prevent a scheduled cut to physicians for Medicare reimbursements on 1 April are addressed.

GOP Senators, special interests, and conservative media call the Reid threat of holding the Senate until these and other matters are brought to the Floor outrageous and tyrannical.

Is there any hope for anything other than status quo?

Unfortunately a legislative season no longer exists in the Federal government as it remains election season 24/7.  I know why the “conservative” special interests and media oppose Congress actually working as representatives of the people of the United States of America. They could lose more money and attention than someone like you or I can even fathom. I know why the so called liberal special interests and media oppose. They could lose more money and attention than someone like you or I can even fathom.

Why in the heck…oh always forget that Obama is the most powerful authoritarian and totalitarian so he is to blame and that everyone blaming him have been systematically disappearing since 2009.

And for those who have either studied extensively or have been involved in the Federal government process either past or present, the lack of “must pass” legislation upon which to attach such proposals to fix structural problems or address areas of need is not a legitimate excuse.

Listening to these chicken chips, pig puddles, cow cookies, gator giblets, etc., today after having a dream last night where Hale and Lindy Boggs, Jimmy and Chep Morrison (no relation), and Earl and Russell Long are telling Edwin Edwards that Congress is a circus that he needs to avoid is enlightening. When Uncle Earl bellows out to EWE and the other political masters: “And Y’all thunk Ole Earl was CRAZY!” you know that as a group Congress is doing no better than a Nutria on a Stick puttin’ Socks on a Rooster.


The beginning quote came from House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer at a budget forum sponsored by Third Way here in DC today.