Lack of Patience May Make One a Patient

Less Patience Here Creates More Patients Here

While shoveling snow from the bed of my truck yesterday, I started looking around at all the cars spinning their wheels and losing traction.  Even though I could have easily scaled the snow behind me, I cleared the sides and the rear of the truck before pulling out. On a positive note, I discovered that shoveling snow, the powder form and not the ice type I saw a couple of times back home, is similar to pitching hay.  The same technique once used with the pitchfork works very well with these flat snow shovels.

By the way, the two images are free clip arts as my artistic skills are not capable of drawing of that type.  The background imagery is a result of just taking gobs, spinning them around, mixing and smudging using Chasys Draw IES and GIMP, which are both open source freeware programs.