The Passing of a Parent: update on a previous post

Less than a week ago, I referenced a young lad from back home in this piece.  From some of my friends from high school, I learned that the young man’s father passed away earlier today.

If everyone who reads my postings would be so kind to offer a silent prayer, friendly thought, or positive vibe for this young man of about 4 years of age, his Mom, and their family, it would be most appreciated.

Death and mourning are events which I consider very personal and unique in that no passing or grieving really feels the same.  My Mom passed when I was a teen.  My maternal Grandfather who I write of often passed soon after I received my undergraduate degree.  Before, between, and following other family members, close friends, peers, and mentors have passed.  Each individual brought about different feelings.  The one common aspect is that I try to keep a part of them within my life and pass along the qualities that made each special to me.

This post is not about spiritual matters.  It’s certainly not about “likes” or “shares.”  It’s not about bringing attention to the family.

I guess it’s just a reminder to myself to appreciate those that I know and have known.

Or perhaps it’s an “excuse” to say something positive to a stranger tomorrow for no other reason than that individual might to the same to another stranger who they happen to see.

Regardless I’ll be thinking about this young boy back home tonight from up here in DC outside the Capitol.  Son, your Daddy may have passed, but he will always be with you as you will keep his name and spirit alive in the short memories you have now and the stories shared by your family as you grow older.  RIP to your Daddy.