Steven Seagal: Governor of Arizona ???

I have been reading high praise and expressions of optimism in several “conservative” outlets about the possibility that Steven Seagal might consider running for the office of Governor of Arizona.  One can use any search engine to find the more enthusiastic articles in support of a potential candidacy, and I’m only linking a brief piece in The Hill which includes a short television interview with the actor.

From reading,  I doubt that Mr. Seagal will actually seek the elective office.  If he does, however, I hope that the citizens of Arizona will ask questions and seek answers to some of the alleged events which took place in Louisiana when Mr. Seagal filmed his television show in Jefferson Parish.  It’s not my position to judge guilt or innocence, but the rhetoric and celebrity status should not be the sole factors in determining who represent any constituents.

For those unfamiliar with the allegations in Louisiana, please refer to the links within another piece about Steven Seagal here on LAB.