Something to consider for the year 2014

A seedling drops from the sky.  Will it land on fertile or infertile soil?  Will it take root or blow away?  If it blows away, where will it fall?  If it takes root, what will it grow?  Will the rooted plant have the strength to withstand the gust of wind?  Will it be capable of bending with the breeze, not snap, and return to its original orientation?  Will it adjust to seek the most light and the most water?  Will it be stagnant or flowing?  Will it supply fruit?  Will it provide for the beginnings of other plants including the one which will one day assume its spot in the soil.

Each of us is his or her seedling.  While we cannot control all factors, we can influence some, and adjust to others beyond our power.  Will we blossom or wither?  It seems that we can prepare to do either.  A seed planted in fertile ground may not produce, while a seed on infertile ground may sprout.  We cannot be certain, but which is most likely to flourish?  We can make ourselves ready for opportunities which present themselves, or we can allow a favored chance to blow away, wither, or snap without reaping any reward.

New Year, new day, next hour, the coming moment, we can start to prepare to change our existence at any time.  The choice of when is ours.