The Last GQ Duck: The Quackaroo has ended, or does it have that freedom to end?

Surprise, surprise, the much ado ‘bout nothin’ has ceased with the “Quackaroo.”  If you have not heard, A&E lifted the suspension of Phil Robertson.  Robertson can return to the filming of Duck Dynasty when it resumes in March.

One can forget that 9 of the 10 episodes for Season 5 had been filmed and edited with A&E statements that they those episodes would air without additional editing such as cutting the Phil Robertson scenes.  If A&E were really disgusted at Duck Dynasty wouldn’t they have changed their Christmas schedule, as I cited in a previous piece?  A Season 6 to the best of my knowledge is still up in the air as it has been my impression that the current contract between the Robertson family and A&E ends following the upcoming season.  Depending upon contract provisions such as a form of a non competition clause, Duck Dynasty could be the television equivalent of a free agent in professional sports.

Admittedly the religious freedom and freedom of speech arguments got to me because neither was an issue in this specific case.  Neither Phil Robertson nor A&E infringed or abused the rights of the other as both had the freedom to act in the fashion that each chose.

Sadly, real cases involving the infringement, actually the crushing of such principles as religious freedom and freedom of speech continue to occur here in the United States of America without receiving media attention or public uproar.  I reckon if we do not experience it personally or want to know about, it doesn’t really happen.  It must be like that tree falling silently in the woods.

Have we really reached the stage where we truly accept the justification of encroachment of religion as being acceptable if we do not share the same beliefs as those targeted?

Do a majority in this country now believe that speech and expression are only free if it is in agreement and otherwise should be silenced if it contradicts or challenges our own words and ideas?

I could write a tome about historical comparisons regarding those 2 questions, but alas that is for another time.

Maybe without a threat to the “livelihood” of Phil Robertson, some of the people back in my old neck of the woods might actually read through what I wrote previously about this “Quackeration.”  If they had read just a tad further, they would have found that many of the condemnations of me contradicted my position and what I wrote.  It would have saved quite a few some time.  Sure anyone has the right to disagree with me, and honestly I like people who do and engage in non emotional debates with citations as to why they have such an opinion.  Many of the people with whom I argue the most are among the friends that I trust and respect the most.

That’s something I love about the United States of America, and am grateful to the previous generations who enabled this opportunity through the sacrifice of their own blood, sweat, and tears.