The Last Duck: Dollars and Making Sense

The denial of free speech argument has baffled me since the individual was able to voice his opinion which has since spread like wildfire throughout the United States and beyond its borders.  The argument that A&E is infringing upon the right of an individual to earn a living because of his personal views leaves me speechless.  The hypocritical arguments that the “other” side is trying to impose THEIR lifestyle and beliefs on everyone cease to be comical when people with rights see nothing wrong with others not afforded those same rights, yet emit that peacock like cackle if someone asks them to just think.

Too many seem to judge without reading or thinking anything through and create an enemy at the first hint of disagreement.  Therefore, I’ll try to be brief with nothing but simple assertions which can be found on both credible and ridiculous sources  depending upon what one wants to believe.

  • Phil Robertson estimated net worth approximately $15 million
  • Robertson family estimated net worth approximately $83 million
  • Duck Commander valued conservatively at approximately $250 million
  • Book proceeds from multiple tomes making the New York Times bestseller list
  • Proceeds from assorted publicity merchandise

Estimated amount received by family per episode of Duck Dynasty today, $200,000.  Amount for earlier seasons estimated to be far less.  Just over 50 episodes have aired in 4 seasons.  If payment is within the actual ballpark, the family received approximately $2.6 million from A&E to film the episodes for Season 4 (heck for fun double that to $5.2 million).

Consider the amount of time necessary to create a 30 minute episode for television.  Read how Willie described filming back in 2012.

“The hardest thing, for us, is to run your company while you’re actually doing the show. I haven’t figured out how to do all that exactly yet, because once the show started airing, and then we’re still filming, and it just gets crazier and crazier.”

What’s the production schedule like?

“For us, it went way over — supposed to be through March 9 but it ended up being mid-April for a whole host of reasons. It’s hard, I ain’t gonna lie, by the end it was ten, 12 hours a day for seven days a week. Every day it was tough banging it all out. It’s a really hard show to make.”

Where are the most dollars for the Duck with the least stress?

Does Phil Robertson need A&E or the television show on any network?

According to the members of the Robertson family, fame is all good.  No, I haven’t heard or read that, but I have watched the show and this footage from I Am Second.

Yep, this ongoing debate should continue with Sarah and Bristol Palin taking stances, Jesse Jackson, Aerosmith, and who knows who else will seek the soapbox and ignite flames because Phil Robertson has been silenced, and all of his monetary earnings: pre, current, post Duck Dynasty have mysteriously vanished because someone has forced Phil Robertson to accept their opinions.

Even the sarcasm above ain’t funny. 

For many, I reckon Don Quixote lives in the ongoing battle against windmills.