Duck Dynasty? The Final Controversy…Perhaps.

Apparently my two previous Duck Dynasty posts are proof to a few that I’m anti-Christian, anti-free speech, anti-American, and a libtard who doesn’t understand this great threat to freedom the “Quackaroo” represents.

Like it really matters:

Here’s my Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty synopsis followed by a section of what I’ve been told that I am supposed to realize and a section of questions which apparently someone like me should not have the freedom to pose.

I think “someone like me” means that I have watched every episode of Duck Dynasty more than once, continue to watch the show, and still bend over laughing at the scene where the deputy asks “Godwin where are your clothes?”  “I got sprayed by a skunk.”  “Yeh, you did” while Korie and Jessica are stuck up on the scissor lift.  I’ve probably watched that 100s of times, and yes been there stunk that in my past.

1)  Phil Robertson made some statements during an interview with GQ Magazine

2)  He has the right to his opinions and others have the right to disagree.  Phil Robertson and those who have expressed differing opinions have exercised their freedom to do so.

3)  I’ve never read or seen the contract of Phil Robertson and the A&E Network.  Honestly, what’s contained in that contract is none of my business, and both the individual and the corporation who according to the Supreme Court is actually a person for the most part have the right to negotiate among themselves and without sharing the specifics with me or anyone else.

4)  Previously Phil Robertson in interviews expressed his desire to at least lessen his presence on the television show Duck Dynasty.

5)  A&E Network made a decision to indefinitely suspend Phil Robertson with the public explanation attributing the action to statements in the GQ Magazine interview.

According to the “conservative” ideology of politicians or media figures such as Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz along with other media sources and pundits, I am supposed to recognize that:

1)  Phil Robertson has been denied his freedom of speech even though what he said is apparently printed in GQ Magazine (which I still have not read).

2)  A private entity, the A&E Network, must be forced by the government or someone to end the indefinite suspension of Phil Robertson.

3)  A private individual, Phil Robertson, must be forced to continue to portray his character on the television show Duck Dynasty whether he desires to do so or not.

4)  This is an attack on freedom, so the government or people (who may or may not be the government within this “patriotic” ideology) need to force compliance of the private business and private individual.

5)  This is an attack on Christianity and the “forcing of God out of the public.”


1)  When did Phil Robertson become the leader of all Christianity?

2)  More importantly, why hasn’t anyone told Phil Robertson of his election or appointment?

3)  In the Christianity I believe in and fail to live up to the standards just as everyone else simply because nobody is perfect, who or what is powerful enough to force God out of your heart, soul, and life unless you choose as an individual to allow that feeling to happen?

4)  When did Christianity become the only religion with all Christians believing and practicing the beliefs in the exact same manner?

5)  If Phil Robertson’s freedom of speech has been denied, why is the interview still available and why can Phil Robertson continue to make appearances, grant interviews, speak in any manner in which he chooses to do?

6)  Is some chart available that illustrates the “why” and “how” of when it is acceptable to compel a business to air a TV show with a specific individual and to force the individual to appear on that show to appear?  Does the authoritarian mandate apply only if the individual is 67 years of age, started a business and left that business more profitable and larger than when he began it for his family, and accomplished that financial success by using his own brain power and no telling how many gallons of sweat?

That’s all for now because I think I’ll que up the DVR to watch that episode where Willie and Jase, take Sadie’s boyfriend out snake hunting.  Having lived that episode from the high school boy’s perspective many times, it is quite a different take on comedy when watching it happen to someone else on television.

BTW:  With one exception from graduate school days, I believe that I continued to speak with the Dad of every girl who I went out with more than a single time for long after any date.  Believe it or not, a few Dad’s actually said that they liked me even when I dated their little girl but of course could not reveal that at the time I was the “enemy.”