Christmas or Holiday Offenses

The seriousness of the Duck Dynasty “Quackaroo” remains a hot topic among friends.  That really got me ‘athinkin’.

Some school in New York I think decided to change the lyrics to Silent Night because people might be offended.  Folks it’s a song, and one that is fairly common and enjoyed by many whether they believe in the religious references or not.

Before recess, the House of Representatives saw another proposal for the “protection” of Christmas.

People are in an uproar as to the skin color of Santa Claus.

I guess Virginia that proves that there is a Santa Claus, and you do not even need to read the paper or use a smart phone to discover that Santa must exist to be in the midst of such an uproar.

So in the cynical Christmas or should that be Holiday spirit here are a few things I should be infuriated at that transpired in the last few hours?  Actually, holiday implies holy to me, and spirit may have a religious connotation or even alcoholic one.  Thus in the spirit, oops mood, from my 21 December organizer schedule matrix I am exasperated because of the following.

At the grocery store checkout, one clerk wished my wife and I Merry Christmas and a split second later a second clerk wished us Happy Holidays.  Out in the parking lot, another employee gathering shopping carts or buggies if you prefer, said Have a Nice Night.

Honestly, all these employees were sincere with their words.  I’ve spoken with each on a number of occasions.  It’s not Christmas Day.  It’s Merry Christmas and not Happy Holidays if I’m a Christian.  Finally, what right does someone have to tell me to have a nice night, especially when he should have said Merry Christmas or is that Happy Holidays.

That wasn’t even the worst of the day.  Surprise, surprise, I’m a southern boy, born and reared in Livingston Parish.  I now live in Maryland in an area that gives fairly easy access to both Washington DC and to Baltimore for my wife and I without having to sleep in the middle of a major urban complex.  It takes time adjusting, but Metro can become a friend.

Actually it makes sense for a Professor of Political History involved in Federal Government affairs and married to a Political Scientist to live and work in this area since the opportunity presented itself to make the move worthwhile.  My wife’s graduate degrees are from Minnesota, so she knows cold even though we met down in Georgia.

Anywho back to the point, in the same grocery store, I heard a song that said Frosty the Snowman will be back again. Now I’m not anti Frosty even though I have no snow friends or snow colleagues, but the thought of snow and ice really bothers me as a Louisianaboy.  When I was a kid, a single snowflake resulted in closing schools and highways back home.  Up here they keep everything open, and you go outside and to work while it is still snowing.  Frosty’s coming back apparently, and while I have nothing personal against Frosty the Snowman I’m upset about additional snow and ice in general.

Well some might think that snow is nothing, just a part of my Southern ignorance, but a short time later in the same store I heard that Mommy was kissing Santa Claus.  Mom, may she rest in peace and seriously her burial took place on Christmas Eve back when I was a teen, just would not have done that to Dad.  I’m sorry, but Mom would have been polite to Santa, but in no way, shape, or form can I imagine her kissing anyone other than my Dad.  Mom was a Southern lady born to Hungarian parents in Livingston Parish.  Smart, hardworking, pretty, and a woman who could catch, skin, and gut a catfish, roll it in cornmeal and fry it up, mop out the house, host an elegant dinner party, balance the family checkbook, balance the books for some local businesses, serve as President of civic and charity organizations, volunteer at the school, and write letters in that fancy calligraphy style all in the same day.  Mistletoe which as a parasitic growth would not have survived in her house, or not, Mom would not be kissing Santa.

On second or maybe third thought, I’m no longer feel offended after typing this out.  Many people just need to chill out, and that has nothing to do with snow.  Seriously, I hope we all enjoy health and happiness?  Let us be thankful for what we have and for those people in our lives. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Have a Nice Night, Be Safe, and my standard Take Care to any and everyone reading.