Should Congress recess without doing their Constitutional duty and still be paid?

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter NY-25

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter NY-25
image credit Wikimedia Commons


Louise Slaughter, ever heard of her?  The Member of Congress from New York who on the phone she sounds like she is still in her birth state of Kentucky, distant relative of Daniel Boone, and 84 years old, introduced a very simple resolution in the House, officially H. Res. 424, with 5 lines of text.  It does not have a formal name yet at it was referred to the Committee on Rules yesterday, but an appropriate title would be “No Budget, No Vacation.”


H. Res 424

H. Res. 424 Image copied from the Resolution as printed by the Government Printing Office


Congresswoman Slaughter’s resolution is that the House should not recess or its Members leave DC until they agree to actually pass a budget in concurring resolution with the Senate by the 13 December 2013 deadline established to end the government shutdown. 

Will you hear about this proposal in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, or Georgia?

Remember this same House introduced the “No Budget, No Pay” legislation on 21 January 2013 in H.R. 325, and it became Public Law 113-3 on 4 February 2013.

That Bill was a 100 percent sham as it violates the 27th Amendment, but it looked good politically.

This House also introduced the Reducing Flight Delays Act of 2013 on 26 April, and it became Public Law 113-9 on 1 May 2013.

That Bill was vitally important as a failure to act had the potential of delaying the flights for Members of Congress at the start of their recess break.

I wonder if an agreement and passage of a Federal Budget is just as important to Congress, or should We the People just guess as they move from crisis to crisis with more continuing resolutions, and we continue to flourish economically since we can blame everything on President Obama now or President Bush depending upon ideological fence sitting.  I’ll still blame Congress from a Constitutional perspective on spending, but I can find enough other things to criticize about both Obama, Bush,  any President, and even ball coach for that matter.