Just Chewin’ the Fat about Political Skeeters, Plowing, and Bug Zappers

Of all political problems today, here is another take of the one I consider the worst at the Federal level.  Historically it is neither a new issue nor limited to just one of the major political parties.  The difference which escalates the danger in my opinion is the degree of influence has increased while the numbers of those who possess that influence has decreased.  In times past, we always heard of a “liberal” media.  It existed and had several major players.  Today, the term “liberal” media often refers to any source that questions motives.  Whose motives?  The motives are those of a very small group of extremely wealthy individuals who reaped enormous profits by playing the system especially in the past 10 years.  The income gap increased dramatically, and this small cabal is behind virtually the entire plethora of “conservative” outlets and voices today.  When these “conservatives” label the Karl Rove’s as enemies, they are far from any center on ideology.  The same is true with influence on the Democratic side, but the money is not as concentrated.  One reason is that much of that money is old money and as the generations pass, that wealth is dispersed through the heirs.

In US History, the best correlations to today I think can be found in the 1850s with the No Nothing Movement and in the post Reconstruction period until the national emergence of the Populist Party.  Many will argue a comparison to the Civil Rights Era of the 1950s and 60s, but I think differences exist.

Here are a few things to consider.  Regardless of one’s opinion of Barack Obama think about the opposing opinions?  These programs and initiatives are highly criticized, but have any alternatives with changes to benefit more than just a select few been proposed?  Or is the battle cry essentially just maintain the same ole same ole?  Obviously change is not always good, but we as a country took a pretty good fall under the same ole same ole.  How many are better off today than before?  By the way these problems started before 2009 and the Obama presidency.  They also started before George W. Bush, and if you think I’m just trying to pass a buck there is a heap of historical readin’ with citations and by people who aren’t creating pop history and pseudo poly sci and getting rich from the money hard working people spill out just because some big mouth idiot has either a ‘purty’ or loud way with words claiming that there is simple blame and simple fixes.  Admittedly, I think there are some simple fixes, but each one fixed only allows one to reach another mess under the one on top so you can call it complicated, complex, or just a bucketful of hornets.   Both Bush and Obama suggested a few things that likely would have helped the situation and both suggested more than a few things to foul up stuff even more.

The reason I do not compare today’s political climate to that of the Civil Rights Era are that while divisive and resulting in many battles, many involving bloodshed in a far greater quantity than anything today, ultimately saw Congress moving on as a group to address other matters.  I would say that they realized that there was nothing to gain by continuing to beat a dead horse.  Get the poor animal out of there before the varmints start feasting on the carcass and the stench becomes overwhelming.  Today, that dead horse is a buffet and nobody seems to mind the reek as they just keep on spraying smell-good on themselves as they chew on that flesh.

That smell-good wears off, and honestly too much stinks just as much as anything else.  I’m just suggesting bury the horse, find another and care for it, buy a mule, jackass, tractor, truck, or harness up some good ole boys, get them a keg, and bust up that ground and plant some berries before the fat cats take hold of the land and build another store stocked with cheap imported dust collectors in your home.

I often hear about when life gives you lemons.  Well if Congress refuses to work, you like or dislike the President for whatever reason, and you get to the point where you believe stuff from people who you would not allow on your property if you ever met them, don’t get mad, just plant some berries and think of some tough questions to ask anyone elected to represent you and your neighbors.  Demand an answer from because you voted, and they represent your voice.

The above is just thinkin’ out loud for I reckon 10 minutes just like I would be back home with family and friends sittin’ out on a log, talkin’, shootin’ the breeze or the bull, swatting skeeters, and occasionally making some oohs and aahs about one of them ‘lectrified bug zappers that’s hanging up over yonder.