When We Want Government: An Example

The Federal Government Dependence In Black and White

I have stated my opinions about the Federal government shutdown here:

I wrote about the closings of the different Federal venues here:

It appears that things have moved beyond discussions about the Continuing Resolution, and the debt limit is the next partisan tantrum.  That should not even be a consideration since it refers to money already spent and not future spending.  The fact that using a justification for discussion is “we want to stop the United States from paying its debts” considered reasonable among some Americans amazes me.  You would think some common sense of reduce spending, increase revenue, and the necessity of both most likely needed because of the astronomical amount this Congress and previous ones have authorized would be the “logical” or “reasonable” expectations of all.

For more on the debt ceiling, please read this piece written last year.

Unfortunately, I think that many people are either unable or unwilling to look at things from different perspectives.  The variations of the expression:  “walk in another’s shoes” appears to be from a language no longer spoken or read.  The simple poster above gives only a sample of how our perspectives differ when that “shoe is on the other foot.”


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