Invisible Illnesses are Real

Invisible and Chronic Illness Awareness

Just because it might not be visible or known to someone else, an invisible or chronic illness is always apparent to someone with a condition.  They are real conditions, not make believe.  They are not things to be ashamed or embarrassed.

Friends, please do not feel strange asking what we are able to do or for information about our conditions.  Really we want you to understand that some days are essentially normal while others are a struggle.  It’s just an unknown variable we must account for every morning.  Like anyone else, we hope to do what we can to overcome any obstacle placed before us. Sometimes we fall; sometimes we stay on our feet. Our confidence may slip along with a setback, but that can be true of anyone.

The reality is that an invisible or chronic illness could happen to anyone.  Some people you know already faces that reality every day, but others are simply unaware. You may have that extra burden on you, and others have no idea.

Do not be intimidated by an invisible or chronic illness if you discover that someone you know has one of these conditions. If you have a condition yourself, do not feel ashamed or embarrassed.  It’s an illness which is real.  You are still the same person you were before.  Now, you just need to add another variable into your decision making processes.  Stay confident and regardless of how bad a moment is try to find that one positive to help move you forward to the next moment.


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