Admitted Foreign Citizen Infiltrates US Government and Gains American followers

There is a huge difference between writing on a website and the manner in which you present material inside a classroom.  This difference is especially true for political history.  With students I try to play the proverbial “Devil’s advocate” and regardless of if I personally agree with their position on a particular topic or not, I do my best to present arguments against the student’s position.

My classic essay question instructions begin with “I can agree 100 percent with what you propose, but if you fail to provide the context and source material to back up your position your grade will be far, very far, lower than you want.  On the other hand, I can disagree 100 percent with your position 100, but if you provide the necessary context and source material as support your grade will likely be quite pleasing to you.  Just remember to not assume any knowledge in your writing because I can only grade what you have written, not what I think you know.  In other words, pretend or in my case understand that you are writing to convince a total idiot who knows nothing that your reasoning is sound.”

On here and the internet in general even though my writings are mostly opinion based, I do try to cite or provide the reasons which led to my conclusions.  Some like that approach because it allows them to reach their own conclusions by looking at material for themselves.  Others get bored very quickly, simply want an opinion without any reasoning, or unfortunately rather have me or anyone else tell them what is right and wrong.

Sadly, I’ve written some totally one sided works which have views exceeding 6 figures with the numbers being the result of having what certain people want to see, nothing more and nothing less.  Try to walk the middle on a least one aspect, and the number of views may drop astronomically.

In this case there is no middle ground, I was wrong, and I readily admit it.  Even with my concerns of the ability to secretly funnel seemingly infinite amounts of capital into the election process via the non disclosure of donors nature of 501(c)(4) organizations and how their funds can go to Super PACs, I have dismissed some un-American aspects of our Federal government.  There are no conspiracies.  It has been admitted.  I and others have access to the documentation to prove this fact beyond any reasonable doubt.

We have a foreign citizen in Washington proposing legislation, interrogating individuals chosen to serve the United States of America, and at times openly preventing our Constitutional system from this seemingly endless spinning of its wheels stuck in a bog.  This foreign citizen makes decisions about our military funding and as part of a Judiciary Committee has influence over Crime and Terrorism, Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security, Bankruptcy, and is the ranking individual on a subcommittee for the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights.

Yes, freshman Senator Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen.  He released his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News.

Other outlets have picked up on the story as well.

Before this foreign influence saga takes control of all minds, Senator Cruz will apparently renounce his Canadian citizenship.

Last year, I wrote this little piece about the citizenship requirements for holding the office of President of the United States.  I based my opinion on Constitutional wordings, Naturalization Acts of 1790 and 1795, and Supreme Court decisions of the 19th and 20th centuries.  It covers the birther arguments by looking at other candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America.

Before any of my writings here, I posed this question about then Senator Barack Obama prior to the 2008 Presidential campaign.  What legislation proposed by Senator and passed into law demonstrates a readiness to serve as President?  I’ll pose the same question about Senator Cruz.  I see a lot of talking, media attention, but not much action on the 6 or so bills he has proposed.  I’ll admit that Senator Cruz has a favorable track record on being present for roll call votes having missed approximately 3 this year which is better than the average US Senator.  When showing up to vote is your greatest attribute aside from the gift of gab, however, that doesn’t impress me that much.

The office of United States President  is designed for an individual who has the ability to get people to work together, the ability to make hard decisions which will result in the loss of lives, the willingness to be unpopular, and so much more.  Only a handful of individuals are remembered for doing a great job as President.  I’m not sure if we have honestly had a great President in my lifetime.  I agreed with the ideology and decisions of some more than others, but even though I agreed I can’t honestly state that particular decisions were the correct ones even with the benefit of hindsight.  Every President is human and will make mistakes, but they also have access to far more information than any other individual in this country.

My request for Senator Cruz is the same I had for then Senator Obama and that is to stop campaigning for the next Presidential election, stop playing partisan politics, convince your fellow Senators on both sides of the aisle to do the same, stop complaining about what everyone else is doing wrong and actually do something to help people (all people, not just those who agree with you, who donate money to you, provide you perks, and raise your ego) help themselves.

Barack Obama and Ted Cruz, seriously I doubt if a tangible difference exists between the two men at the same stage in their respective careers.

Despite what some claim or argue, I think Barack Obama is a citizen of the United States of America, the lawfully elected President of the United States of America,  and his loyalty is to the United States of America.

From the birth certificate and admission, I know Ted Cruz is a Canadian citizen, and I’m reasonably sure that his mother was an American citizen giving her son that same citizenship by birth.  I disagree with a lot of Cruz’s posturing because I’d rather see results than just talk, but I have no reason to doubt his loyalty to the United States of America.

Today, the major difference between the men is that Senator Cruz serves in the Branch of Government supposed to make the laws and establish a budget while President Obama is supposed to make suggestions to Congress concerning laws and budget and enforce the laws passed by Congress.  Sadly, Obama’s pen will never run dry as Congress seems unwilling or incapable of putting something together to reach the desk of the President.

I don’t think we are in trouble as a nation because a Canadian has infiltrated our government, and I don’t think any single President outside of George Washington ever had nor has the power to destroy this country by their own hands.