Who Gets to be Blamed after this President? Logical

Have you heard of Obamacare?  That might be the stupidest question I have written, and I admit to writing quite a few.

In this forum, I have written several pieces concerning the legislation to which you may or may not agree with the opinions presented.  Whether we agree or disagree, I still think that anyone who opposes “Obamacare” can thumb through the legislation and find something to which they agree.  Likewise, I think anyone who supports “Obamacare” will find portions within the legislation disagreeable to them.

Taken as the entire document most of us realize that many of the issues supposedly meant to be addressed by this legislation are not simple and would not be even if separated from the rest of the material.  Of course it’s difficult to isolate issues because it requires a forklift to move printed copies. That’s not far from an exaggeration especially when you want to compare and contrast the various mark ups to what is now Public Law 111-148.

At times links from the Thomas Library of Congress website are temporary per a specific search.  Therefore, please go directly to http://thomas.loc.gov/home/thomas.php and search for HR 3590 from the 111th Congress.  Look at “All Congressional Actions with Amendments” and other links available.  An idea on some of the actions taken by the Senate in the amendment process including the one in the news today can be found in reports from the Senate website.

My feeling is that a lot of people from both sides of the aisle and from both Chambers threw a lot of stuff into the gumbo pot cooking the bill.  One can cite passage vote numbers to turn this to either blame or credit one political party, but practically everyone, their brother, their mother, sister, and Dad have something of theirs in that pot.

That clause or smelly shallot in the gumbo legislation brought up the question of who pays for the insurance covering Members of Congress and many Federal staffers in respective offices.  Politico has a story on a proposed fix.  Breitbart has a story casting blame upon the White House.  The Huffington Post has a story on the cause of the chaos with the fingers pointing to Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Conservative group The Heritage Foundation has their own story which provides the briefer for the blame the White House piece culled by Breitbart.  I have my own pieces on the Supreme Court Decision, the gossip and partisanship concerning the legislation, and the efforts to kill Obamacare by cutting funding.

As a History Professor, I’m wondering if it is just a personal perception because I cannot see the entire forest from being amongst the trees myself, or if we are seeing a regression from progress the country has made to be “We the People.”  It’s even more conservative versus liberal, and I don’t think either side is much different.

I have my practical usage definitions of “liberal” and “conservative.”

Practically everything I read references these “Dummycrats” or “ReThuglicans.”

One constant is that the blame keeps being aimed at the President of the United States.  It’s revealing to me when so many people argue that they must change their business practices now, buy weapons now, and do so many things because of things they claim will or may happen.  Obama was going to ban all guns, outlaw hunting, virtually end fishing, halt any oil drilling, stop kids from working on farms, turn over the US to the UN with the small arms treaty, and a lot more if elected in 2008.  What happened?  If that was his agenda, apparently he’s too incapable to have accomplished it.  This term it appears that the word from the business sector is that full time employment must cease now because of the employer mandate.  It’s not even in effect, has actually been delayed, yet the financial hardships are already in place?

At times I sort of wish the study of history, economics, or life in general was that simple where a single factor is responsible for everything.  Of course, the reality is that most things cannot be that simple, but not because everything must be complicated but because you often have simple layered upon simple and to reach one layer you have to go through another.  One trait that is lessening among many is patience.

As for Presidential blame, even the Heritage Foundation article, acknowledges a basic Constitutional fact, “…the Constitution grants Congress the ultimate “power of the purse….”

Article I Section 8 of the United States Constitution grants Congress the power “To borrow Money on the credit of the United States.”  Congress spends the money; Congress borrows the money; But Obama is the one responsible for too much spending and leading us into further debt?  Why is that so believable?

People accuse the White House of creating smokescreens with scandals to divert attention.  Maybe the White House does use that tactic, but is it also possible for those who profit off the partisanship and division to be blowing their own smoke so that people will not hold them accountable for their actions and lack of actions?

Consider the off year elections do not take place until 2014 for all Members of the House and 33 percent of the US Senate.  Campaigning, however, actually began prior to the 2012 elections.  Many seem to advocate having candidates from their respective Party representing the more extreme positions.  In other words, “it’s my way or the highway.”  Anyone who even thinks of compromise or even working with the other side has become a danger, threatened by their party with well financed opposition in the primary, and is a threat to the fabric of the United States.

Now when a conservative group agrees that Congress holds the power of the purse, the Constitutional statement on borrowing money is quite clear, and anywhere you look in the history of the United States of America including the penning of the Constitution of the United States, you will find the highest points and greatest achievements associated with compromises, I sincerely question what or who is to blame?  No matter how I research or think about it,  I don’t think it’s those willing to work together and attempting to forge compromises.

Have we heard of recess?  As the children there shout in unison, go talk to the man in that white house who is responsible for everything because he, you, and I are the one’s fixing what’s left as the partisan opportunists amplifying the blame with their screeching continue to fly like buzzards overhead looking for their own free meal.